The Eagles Have Landed!

Pat Licata, Coldwell Banker Elite REALTOR from the Lake of the Woods
office in Locust Grove, released the eagle collection she and her
husband, John, own to the newly built Locust Grove Elementary Eagles.
Through Pat’s affiliation with the Lake of the Woods Civic Club,
Pat and other interested citizens received a tour of the school by
Principal Jesse Magruder.

When Mr. Magruder stated that the school, whose mascot is the eagle,
had two beautiful display cases, one of which would be empty,
Pat "flew" into action! “Immediately I knew that I wanted to help!
I was positive that John would be happy to loan the collection for
at least this first school year,” Pat stated.

Shortly after the tour, Pat and John gathered their flock of eagles
(more than 50 in all), and migrated it to Locust Grove Elementary
just in time for the first, inaugural day of school. Mr. Magruder
states that the students, faculty, and staff are extremely
appreciative and are enjoying the collection.

Pat, a 2010 recipient of Coldwell Banker Elite's "Shining Star" award,
is committed to making a difference. In addition to sharing her passion
for Lake of the Woods and surrounding areas as a REALTOR, she is
extremely active in her Lake of the Woods community, as well as the
Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors (FAAR). Pat serves on the
Communications Committee and the External Affairs Committee at the
Lake of the Woods Association, volunteers for Cause 4 Paws (an Orange
County feline rescue group), is a member of the Lake of the Woods
Civic Club, and also serves as a Block Captain for the Neighborhood
Watch Program at the lake. At FAAR, Pat serves on two committees:
Member Outreach and Education.

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