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Orange County, VA County Fair Featuring LOW Artisans this Weekend, July 25-26th!

Orange County, VA County Fair Featuring Lake of the Woods Artisans this Weekend! By Pat Licata REALTOR
The Orange County Fair is happening this weekend at the new fairgrounds on Gordonsville Road.  If you go down route 20 and turn left on route 15 then turn left on Gordonsville Road and you will run into the fair on your left.   Cause 4 Paws, a Lake of the Woods non-profit group, will have a table on Friday, July 25th from 1 PM to about 6 PM and then on Saturday, July 26th from 9 AM to about 6 PM selling crafts.   Please have your friends let their friends know to come by and especially stop by the Cause 4 Paws table!
This event will be a lot of fun especially for children and grandchildren.  Click HERE for more information!

National Hammock Day!

National Hammock Day! By Pat Licata REALTOR
Today is National Hammock Day, and where better to relax than Lake of the Woods, VA?
Kick your feet up, lay back, and swing the day away in a fun seat that takes you back to childhood…. and don’t forget to bring your dog along !
** Update- we at Licata on the Lake were so busy enjoying hammock day that we forgot to post our blog about it!! Because of this, we declare this to unofficially  be hammock WEEK. Follow our lead and keep it rocking, friends 🙂 **
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Sunset Concert Series July Edition: Uncle Bill and the Boys Bluegrass Band July 25th!

Sunset Concert Series July Edition: Uncle Bill and the Boys Bluegrass Band July 25th!- By Pat Licata REALTOR
It is time for the 3rd concert in the Sunset Concert Series at the Point, this time featuring the music of Uncle Bill and the Boys Bluegrass Band! The concert will take place Friday, June 25 from 7-9PM at Clubhouse Point.
“Uncle Bill and The Boys are a bluegrass music quartet hailing from the Richmond, Virginia area. Bill Parrish, Chris Rea, Russell Bonovitch and Ricky Bonovitch have more than 125 years of combined musical experience. Uncle Bill and The Boys are known for their swing-style bluegrass. The quartet plays a variety of music, going back in time with traditional bluegrass and country to western swing. from traditional bluegrass to western. Uncle Bill and The Boys are fun to watch and are ready to take the stage to entertain their audiences!” -East Coast Entertainment
The event is 100% funded by sponsors who are also LOW residents! Sponsors include: Pat Licata-REALTOR, Locust Grove Veterinary Clinic, Helping Hands Home Health Care, Design Craft Homes, Evergreen Electric, JK Carpets, Lakeside Title & Escrow, and Pittman Florist.
The LOW Church Bible Study Group is acting as the “Hospitality Committee” and will be accepting donations for the Home Help Ministry.
The clubhouse is again offering take-out picnic choices, so please call ahead, and get yours ordered by Thursday, July 24th at 3PM for the event on the 25th! Call 540-972-2221 to order.
Don’t forget your lawn chairs! See you there!

Meet the LOWA Board Candidates Wednesday, July 16, in Clubhouse Great Hall at 5:30 PM

Meet the LOWA Board Candidates

Wednesday, July 16, in Clubhouse

Great Hall at 5:30 PM

by Pat Licata REALTOR

Please join the Civic Club on Wednesday, July

16th, at 5:30 pm, as we host a Reception for the

Candidates, in the Great Hall of the Clubhouse.

The Lake of the Woods Association has four

candidates running to fill two seats on the

LOWA’s Board of Directors. The candidates are

Leighton Cumming, Nigel Goodwin, Bruce Kay,

and JoAnn Zwickl

There will a social hour with hors d’oeurves and a

cash bar for people to meet and greet the

candidates on a one-on-one basis. In addition,

there will be a time in which candidates will have

up to five minutes to address the gathering. The

Civic Club Board has dispensed with group

questioning and encourages members to ask their

questions during the social time before and after

the candidate presentations.

“Be Concerned, Be Informed, Be Involved”

The Reception for the Candidates is open to all

members of the community. Please plan to attend

on the 16th so that you are able to know your

candidates better. Following the Reception for the

Candidates, consider having dinner at the

Clubhouse. The deck is open, and the view of the

lake is priceless.

The Civic Club has asked each BOD candidate to

answer eight questions and their answers are

below. On behalf of the Civic Club, we wish the

candidates good fortune in the election and want

to express appreciation for their willingness to

serve our community.

If you wish to receive the Civic Club’s newsletter,

Lakeviews, send an e-mail with “subscribe” in the

title to <>. The Civic

Club also invites members and guests to write

articles on community matters for publication in

Lakeviews. To submit an article for publication,

send it by email to

The deadline for submissions is the first day of

each month.

1. Why are you running for the Board?
Leighton Cumming: It is important for me to give back to this wonderful community in which I live. One
way to give back is to work on committees and on the Board. I was on the Board at Lake Monticello for 3
years and president for 2 years, learning quite a bit about home owner association operations and
Nigel Goodwin: To contribute to the community and the values and characteristics by which it is known – an
attractive, progressive, multi-generational community with tolerant, cohesive leadership.
Bruce Kay: 1) Establish policies for expenditures that ensure commitment of the entire Community for
projects. 2) Review assessment for the “value added to members” and eliminate items that don’t add value.
JoAnn Zwickl: I have been on the Planning Committee and the Clubhouse Committee for two years. Many
of the people I know here in LOW encouraged me to run, and I believe that my 20 years of experience in
community association management will be an asset for making decisions that will benefit the community.
2. What are the 3 most important duties of a Board member?
Lakeviews 2
JoAnn Zwickl: 1) Educate themselves about the issues that concern the community and for which they must
make decisions. 2) Listen to the opinions and concerns of members who disagree with them, because they
may have a valid point in their argument that needs attention. 3) Make decisions based on what they believe
is in the best interest of the entire community, both for now and in the future.
Leighton Cumming: 1) Maintain the amenities and property owned by LOWA. 2) Provide for the security of
LOW through enforcement of our governing documents, including setting fines and penalties for violations.
3) Determine the fiscal needs of LOWA, review and approve an annual budget, set appropriate assessments,
supervise the collection, investment and disbursement of funds, and present an annual financial report to
Nigel Goodwin: 1) Implement policies and regulations, within the terms of the governing documents, which
best promote the interests of all property owners. 2) Manage the Associations finances and infrastructure
responsibly. 3) Maintain open communication with members of the Association
Bruce Kay: 1) With Listen to the members. 2) Review all expenditures to insure “value added” to all
members. 3) Review all planned projects to insure all options and details have been reviewed to prevent
3. What should be the role between the Board and LOWA staff, particularly the General
Bruce Kay: 1) The only direct Board contact is through the Board President to the General Manager. 2) All
Association members must also go through the GM before contact with staff.
JoAnn Zwickl: Ultimately, the GM is in charge of staff. The GM takes direction from the Board at Board
meetings, and from the Board President between meetings. Board members may interact with staff between
meetings as previously agreed between the President and the GM, but disagreements with staff actions
should be taken directly to the GM to make him aware of the situation and decide how to handle it.
Leighton Cumming: The General Manager is hired by the Board and reports to the Board under the
supervision of the President of the Board. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association,
while the General Manager manages the day-to-day operations of the Association under the supervision of
the President. Board members’ involvement with the General Manager or staff should be coordinated with
the President.
Nigel Goodwin: The president should deal routinely with the General Manager who in turn manages the staff.
Other directors relate to the GM and staff for information purposes rather than to give direction, except
where common sense and efficiency dictate otherwise.
4. What do you think of the current status of our facilities/amenities?
Nigel Goodwin: I believe our amenities are in satisfactory to very good shape; maintenance and upgrades are
scheduled and funded appropriately via the reserve study. I see no reason for any major change to amenities
while continuing to search for increased revenue and operating cost efficiencies. As for facilities, I believe
we should follow up the recommendations of the Land Use Study (2010-11 version) with regard to the
campground and boat storage area which have the potential for releasing land for residential use.
Bruce Kay: 1) We have great facilities and amenities. 2) Each facility/amenity must be reviewed as to the
“value” of all members.
JoAnn Zwickl: I think the variety and quality of our amenities are very good. I am amazed at what this
association provides for our $1384 per year. However, we must be vigilant, and continue maintenance
programs and improvements that will enhance our facilities and make them desirable to future homebuyers
and residents. We are still playing catch-up with routine maintenance as well as major repairs and
Leighton Cumming: I think our facilities and amenities are in good shape, for the most part. It is very
important that we continue improving the health of our two lakes. In addition, we need to regularly repair
Lakeviews 3
and in some cases, replace some of existing amenities. I find it very encouraging that the largest part of each
of our assessments this past year went to reserves, thus enabling us to properly maintain this community.
5. What is your view of LOWA capital planning?
Leighton Cumming: I think it is a useful process for surfacing and evaluating new amenities or services, and
gives the Board advice on evaluating the requests. I’ve been a voting member of the Planning Committee
for the last year and a half, which is charged with preparing the new capital budget. The Committee
prioritizes the new capital submissions from other committees and from cost centers, ranking the proposals
by legal requirements (if any), safety and security, revenue enhancement, and cost versus benefit including
the impact on assessments. The list of items with their funding request is sent to the Board with Planning
Committee’s rankings. It is then up to the Board to decide whether to fund the items or not.
Nigel Goodwin: I believe planning for all categories of reserve capital is well managed via the reserve study.
I do not believe that funds should be set aside for new capital without a specific project in mind (as
happened for FY 2014/15). I believe we need a long-range strategic plan, reviewed by the BOD and
available to the community, that sets a schedule and funding accrual for major projects such as building
replacement, including new capital spending where appropriate
Bruce Kay: 1) The current planning process does not fully inform the members of all the details that would
enable the members to make informed decisions. 2) Example: Would you like LOWA to have a bowling
alley? A lot of members would answer yes. 3) If the question was stated: Would you like a bowling alley at
LOWA? The cost to build would be $ 2.5 million dollars and the annual maintenance cost would be $ 1.25
million dollars, with an increase to the annual assessment of $ 350.00/ year – I believe you would get a
different answer.
JoAnn Zwickl: In just my two years on the Planning Committee, it appears to me that the New Capital
request process has gotten out of control. The number of requests received is overwhelming, considering
how little money there is to spend, and there is little if any justification or cost/benefit information included
when it gets to Planning, which makes it difficult to evaluate and rank the requests. Except for one item, the
lake level monitors installed last year, none of the requests have made it into the approved budget. We have
five years of New Capital projects and purchases, but few have been endorsed or approved by the Board for
further study. It’s good to have plans for the future, but they should be realistic, and based on our actual
needs for improving or enhancing our existing infrastructure.
6. What has been your involvement with LOW community activities?
JoAnn Zwickl: My husband and I moved here in 2011, so I haven’t had time to get involved in many things,
but I have been on the Clubhouse Committee and the Planning Committee for two years. These two
committees have given me opportunities to network with people in LOW that I would otherwise not have
met, and I have made an amazing number of friends in that short time. I have also learned a lot about
LOW’s history, attended meetings of other committees, joined the LGA, and spend time with friends playing
golf and other activities.
Leighton Cumming: I have been on the Planning Committee as a voting member from January 2013 to the
present, and liaison to the Pools Committee. I was a member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Senior Housing.
Nigel Goodwin: I have been a member of LCC, Planning and Finance committees. I am a regular participant
in golf and bridge activities. Usual children’s activities when families visit (beach, pools etc.).
Bruce Kay: 1) Member of the Board of Directors (2007-2010) and President (2009-2010). 2) Current
Chairman of the External Affairs Committee. 3) Member of the Golf Committee.
7. Should the Association take an active role in the affairs of Orange County? What type of
issues should be addressed?
Bruce Kay: 1) The Association should only be active as far as anything that could impact the Subdivision.
2) Members should be active as to the services that are provided or should be provided by the County.
Lakeviews 4
JoAnn Zwickl: This is a tough question. I think we should take an active interest in what Orange County is
planning for outside our gates. I reviewed a section of the 2013 Comprehensive Plan for the Planning
Committee, and found that Orange County thinks very highly of the potential in their northeast corner. The
plan calls for more residential, medical/business, retail and hotel uses. However, the results of their own
Charette revealed that the utility capabilities in this area are woefully inadequate, and at this time, barely
serve the needs of LOW and the homes already here. We do need to pay close attention to the residential
plans, because they will compete with our homes in the real estate market. LOW must stand out in the
market so our homes can compete, and that means keeping up with maintenance and improvements.
Leighton Cumming: Yes. We are part of the County and affected by its actions. Three current issues which
we need to focus on are the Route 3 corridor development, possible changes to Route 3, and the long range
water supply for our area. I would like to see a course developed for LOW and County residents to add to
our understanding of the issues and choices the County faces. Some residents are active in County
committees and our Supervisor keeps us up to date on current happenings. In talking to people in LOW,
however, I don’t find much awareness of how the County operates or how we will be affected.
Nigel Goodwin: Yes, and it does so in many ways – charity work, county bodies such as youth activities,
school board, planning commission (I have been a commissioner for 12 years), historic preservation and
tourism. Currently a major focus is on the county’s development plans for the area surrounding LOW, and it
will be important that the Association’s interests are well represented.
8. How would you approach developing the LOWA budget?
Nigel Goodwin: I would be wary of any step change in a system with a good track record and welcome
transparency. I would consider asking the GM to show the impact on the community of holding the raise in
annual assessment to zero or to that of the cost-of-living increase. A guiding principle should be the
language in the Covenants – “The general purpose of the Association is to further and promote the
community welfare of property owners in the Subdivision.”
Bruce Kay: 1) A detailed 0 baseline approach should be used. 2) Use history as a reference but not as a
baseline. 3) Justify everything for the “value added” “to the members.”
JoAnn Zwickl: As a manager, I developed budgets for multiple associations, including HOAs, condos and
commercial condos. Each association had unique needs to address when working on their budget. There are
two basic approaches – historical trends and zero-based. I found that a combination of the two worked best.
Expenses should be evaluated first. You have some line items that you already know, and they should be
entered first. Everything else should start out zero-based until it is determined what the need is for that
budget year. After you know what your expenses are, you can plug in what you know about your revenue,
and adjust the annual assessment to meet the difference. This way, you are budgeting to meet expenses, not
spending to meet revenue expectations.
Leighton Cumming: If all the committees and staff do their part in the process of developing the operating
budget, I think that process works. Between the data from the reserve study, input from our cost centers and
the Finance Committee, the Association has the information to prepare the budget. Of course there are other
items that may arise unexpectedly, such as a legal requirement to repair or replace a particular item or
amenity. It is a fairly lengthy process, with ample time for members to give their input, as is appropriate.
Meet the LOWA Board Candidates
Wednesday, July 16, at 5:30 PM at the Clubhouse
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Independence Day Celebration at Lake of the Woods!

Independence Day Celebration at Lake of the Woods! By Pat Licata REALTOR
The celebration will take place this Saturday, July 5.
The Schedule of Festivities is as follows:
9 AM-11 AM Equestrian Center Open House, $5 Pony Rides
10:30 AM-11:30 AM Parade (Yorktown/Lakeview to Clubhouse)
11:45 AM-12 PM Flag Raising (In front of Clubhouse)
12 PM-4 PM Clubhouse Point Activities
6 PM-8 PM Water Ski Club Show at Clubhouse Point
9 PM-9:15 PM Fireworks begin from Main Dam

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