Falling for the Lake…Again!

fall at the lake

As much as I look forward to, and love, the spring and summer activities at the Lake, fall truly is my favorite season. My first introduction to four distinct seasons was living in Denver, CO, as a young girl (prior to my cowgirl experience in Texas from which I still haven’t recovered). And I’ve appreciated […]

My Journey to Lake of the Woods

As a Lake of the Woods resident since 2008 (as a weekender and a full time resident), I’d like to share my Journey to the Lake. My husband, John, and I were interested in finding the perfect location for a second/vacation home. Initially, we were open to looking at a beach location, as well as […]

Last Sunset Concert Series Event of the Summer: Reunion Band September 26th!


Last Sunset Concert Series Event of the Summer: Reunion Band September 26th! – By Pat Licata REALTOR It is time for the final concert in the Sunset Concert Series at the Point, this time featuring Reunion Band! The concert will take place Friday, September 26 from 7-9PM at Clubhouse Point. “REUNION plays many types of music…New & Old. Rock, Soul, R&B, Blues, Dance, […]