Archives: November 2011

Lucy's Valiant Effort

Although Lucy gave it a truly valiant effort, she passed away in the care of a swan technician in Boston, VA, over the weekend. I am so sad that she didn’t make it…and I’m concerned about the future of swans on our lake, as the numbers have dwindled. Did you know that mute swans are viewed as evasive and are being removed (killed) from the Chesapeake Bay? This makes me sick! While I can’t control what happens, I’d like to be in position to help any little animal in need. If anyone is interested in being part of a wildlife rescue team, please let me know. I’ve already thought of the name…FOWL (Friends of Wildlife at the Lake) and have a rehabilitator who will assist! Let’s care about the wildlife at Lake of Woods in addition to each other! Please contact me!

Lucky Lucy!

This evening began uneventfully–until I received the call.  For about three hours prior, I had been feverishly engrossed in writing the second article in a series for Lake Currents on distressed properties. I needed a break! And boy, the adventure began, definitely taking me away from my task! The call was from Sue Benton, a fabulous neighbor I hadn’t yet met! She had been given my name by Kayley, a wildlife rehabilitator, who knew of my affinity for wildlife, especially swans.
Sue was crying…having desperately been trying to find some assistance for an injured swan on the lake. After countless phone calls trying to find a crate large enough to house a swan but small enough to fit in my car, finding the owners of the home where Sue last saw the swan from across the lake, came the question: how do you capture a swan???
The end result, after many hours on the rescue mission, was that Sue, her husband, and I were able to capture her, in the dark I might add! It certainly is helpful that swans are white!  To be honest, it was much easier than I anticipated, unfortunately because the poor swan can’t walk more than a few steps without collapsing!  Thanks to Jodi, Joann, Lois, Wayne, and the Hardings (from whose yard we captured the bird), and of course, the Bentons, for their part in this collaborative effort. The swan, named Lucky Lucy by Sue, is now in a crate in my bedroom as I write this post. Tomorrow, Lucky Lucy is off to see Kayley for her thoughtful care. Everyone, please wish Lucky Lucy well and hope for the best!
Until next time, “It’s another beautiful day at the lake!”