Lake of the Woods, VA, Featured in the Washington Post!

In October, I had the privilege of sharing Lake of the Woods with fabulous Washington Post freelance writer and nature photographer, Ann Cameron Siegal. An avid wildlife person like me, Ann, my husband John, and I trolled around the lake, and Ann was able to take some incredible photos of her favorite, the Blue Heron, and my favorite…the swans. Ann spent the weekend with me and was truly able to gain the “Lake of the Woods experience.” We had a great dinner at Clearwater on Saturday night and a great brunch at the Clubhouse on Sunday. Ann stopped people walking their dogs and kids fishing to learn how they felt about life at the lake. Overwhelmingly, residents love the community! I believe that Ann captured the essence of Lake of the Woods extremely well in her feature. But don’t take my word for it: please click on the link to see why “It’s another beautiful day at the lake” each and every day at Lake of the Woods!
Where We Live: Behind the gates, a quiet escape

2 thoughts on “Lake of the Woods, VA, Featured in the Washington Post!

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to live Patricia. Nice weather lots of interesting things to do. And on the water! You can only swim in the lakes up here where I live for 2 months of the year. How is the rental market there? Do people from the north by in Lake of the Woods?

    1. Hello, rentals here in Lake of the Woods go very quickly. Some (especially on the water) are listed as Air BNBs. MANY of the Lake of the Woods residents did move here from up north or have a home in LOW as their ‘weekend’ home! We would love to give you a tour of the community and even a boat tour of our beautiful lake. Please give us a call! 540-388-2541

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