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The Brunch Bunch

From my previous writings, you know that I am passionate about living at the lake; I adore swans; I cannot outwit the squirrels; I didn’t know the difference between a bufflehead duck and a loon until I researched them; I appreciate the 25mph speed limit. I am now revealing another fact: I hate to cook. As a major fan of the food quality and variety, atmosphere, views, and service provided by the clubhouse, I am a regular. Therefore, I naturally noticed the same large table by the window occupied by fellow clubhouse regulars at Sunday brunch. My curious nature took over. And inviting myself to join them one Sunday to learn more about the camaraderie and laughter emanating from the group reveals yet another fact: I am not shy.

The Brunch Bunch, photo by Ann Cameron Siegal

If Stu King hasn’t called to make the brunch reservation at the Clubhouse by Sunday morning, invariably he will receive a call from a staff member to confirm it. The scene has been identical almost every Sunday in the late morning for the past five or so years. The pitchers of ice tea are already on the table closest to the buffet by the window in anticipation. And by 11:30am, members of the “Brunch Bunch” (a name I bestowed upon the group) begin to arrive and occupy their chairs. While in no particular order, regulars Joan and Dan Greene, Julia and Rick Hooper, Nancy and Stu King, Harriett and Bill Wang, and Sue and Boggs Wright will be seated to enjoy a great meal, a spectacular view, and “lively” conversation. Familiarity with the Clubhouse staff is evident and appreciated, as most of the servers have waited this table on any given number of prior Sundays.
During my brief but extremely enjoyable time spent with the group a few months ago, I heard discussions (passionate, at times) about the LOWA budget, procedural matters, golf, Fire and Rescue, the Fitness Center, upcoming events, family updates, vacation plans, as well as some great humor interspersed among these serious topics. Apparently the political views of this close-knit group vary substantially; therefore, a rule exists that politics is a forbidden topic!
What I learned is that the members of this group are connected in various ways. The Hoopers, Greenes, and Kings are all neighbors here in LOW. Boggs Wright and Nancy King taught together in the Fairfax County Public School System. Sue Wright and Julia Hooper worked together at the same Fairfax County elementary school for approximately 15 years. The Hoopers were Northern Virginia neighbors of the Wrights for 20 years. In 1990, the Wright’s daughter was married at the LOW Church, with reception at the Clubhouse, and the Hoopers attended as guests. But it was weekenders Bill and Harriet Wang who brought Stu and Nancy King to Lake of the Woods. The Wangs and the Kings have been friends for 35 years! So it is perfectly fitting that these five couples choose the Clubhouse to celebrate their friendship and love for this community.
What I’ve also learned is that this bunch is extremely active in our community in various ways: Boggs Wright is the President of the Civic Club, a member of the Clubhouse Committee, and Advisor on the Finance Committee; Dan Greene is Chairman of the Fitness Committee, a member of the Planning Committee, and runs the USMC yearly banquet at the Clubhouse; Rick Hooper is Assistant Chief of Rescue; Joan Green is a member of the Garden Club and the 9-Holers Golf Group; Nancy King is a member of the Golf Committee and President of the Ladies’ Golf Association; Julia Hooper is 2nd Vice President of the Ladies’ Golf Association; and Stu King is a member of the Legal and Compliance Committee. The Wangs are also looking forward to involvement on some level when they become full-timers in approximately three years.
So now, as you pass this active, happy, colorful group (Stu, Dan, and Boggs are often sporting Hawaiian-themed shirts), you “know” a few of our wonderful LOW residents who are enjoying their journeys inside the gates. They combine their passion for LOW by supporting our amenities, volunteering their time, and sharing their expertise in their desire to make a positive contribution. Equally as important is that they are enjoying themselves while doing so. And, in true Lake of the Woods spirit, they welcome you, with open arms, to stop by and introduce yourself; you now know where and when to find them! (Pictured above, they are, from front center, clockwise: Sue Wright, Harriet Wang, Boggs Wright, Stu King, Bill Wang, Dan Greene, Rick Hooper, Joan Greene, Nancy King, and Julia Hooper).
Although I wouldn’t dare share a food recipe, I would like to share an observation. The recipe for the most enjoyable life-at-the-lake experience, as evidenced by the Brunch Bunch and many others, seems to consist of some semblance of the following ingredients: involvement in the community, use and support of the amenities, engagement in association activities, and simply being open to the journey. Be active; be involved; be HIGH on LOW!
Until next time…It’s another beautiful day at the lake!

Reflections at 25mph

When my husband and I bought our home in LOW in 2008 as weekenders, our plan was to commute from Northern Virginia for several years before becoming full-timers. However, after realizing that we had made it to the lake 51 of those first 52 weekends, our plans–and status–changed. The allure of the lake was simply too great for us to resist! I naturally anticipated a huge life change. Like many residents who moved here under similar circumstances, I imagined a substantially slower-paced life, a more “selfish” life, a life of lazy, relaxed, carefree days void of long agendas and to-do lists so long that they could never be accomplished in three days, much less one. Two-and-a-half years later, some things have changed, and some haven’t.

 I am a creature of habit. Each morning, I am up by 5am and off to begin my daily routine in my pajamas, uninterrupted, cell phone free! I exit LOW through the front gate in focused, hot pursuit of my first shot of caffeine. I am known at McDonald’s by my order: large, unsweet iced tea with lemon and light ice. After catching up with the early morning crew, I then drive up Route 20 and enter the lake through the back gate…where that 25 mph speed limit I initially despised is welcomed. I immediately look straight ahead to see if I will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of wildlife near Turtle Island. As I turn right to head around the lake to prolong my solitude (instead of turning left toward my home), I take everything in. I breathe. I
observe. I think. I discover. I feel. I reflect. I relax before beginning my over-the-top crazy-busy day that I thought would no longer exist as a full-timer.
There isn’t any one event in particular that occurs on my early morning jaunts that allows me to feel so fortunate to live in LOW. It can be a traffic jam caused by stopping in the middle of the road to allow my nemesis (the squirrels) or chipmunks to cross the road without looking both ways, or spotting a swan glide across the lake through the trees, or following a hawk in the sky as far as possible with my eyes (without going over the speed limit or going off of the road), or witnessing a dad, with 2 children and a tail-wagging dog on a leash in tow, attempting to help his struggling son put the umbrella down (while getting drenched) prior to getting on the bus, or seeing those residents participating in lake life by  walking, jogging, bike riding, fishing, or playing golf.
What has changed is that I thoroughly appreciate the 25 mph speed limit that demands I slow down and enables me to decompress! I don’t live the “selfish” life I thought I wanted because I’ve changed my mind; I do not want it. The LOW community has inspired me to live the life I DO want; I have found my passion. Please…don’t simply enter or exit the lake en route to somewhere else. Life is a journey, so enjoy it. Partake in the beautiful sights, people, and experiences offered to you within the gates right here at LOW–just patiently waiting for you to discover them.
Until next time…it’s another beautiful day at the lake!  
Photo courtesy of John Stuart Edwards

Lake Of the Woods St. Patrick's Day Golf Tourney

Lake of the Woods Association
First Annual St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament
Saturday, March 17th
 Come Join us for a day of Leprechaun Fun!

           2nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament

Come Join us for a wonderful day of golf and fun as we celebrate this St. Patty’s Day with friends, neighbors, and guests.  There will be prizes for the winners, an incredible raffle with fantastic items, and great Food!
Ladies and Gentlemen, bring three of your family or friends to form a four person team!  Don’t forget your Luck O’ the Irish either!  We’re raffling golf bags, head covers, etc. and every player gets one ticket included with their entry fee.
LOW Members and Guests      $35
LOW Club Pass                         $25
LOW Golf Members                  $10
have a chance to win a raffle prize!!!!!


Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM Shotgun Start
Registration:  Begins at 8:30am
Location: Lake of the Woods Golf Course
Phone: 540-972-2230


Please call the Pro Shop to sign up at 540-972-2230 or email
Join Our Mailing List!
St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament Special 
Bring this Coupon for ONE additional Raffle Ticket
Please present coupon at time of registration.
Redeemer must be registered participant in the tournament.
This coupon is only valid for registered LOW email recipients.


Offer Expires: Saturday, March 17th at 10:30am