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where you can ask questions to different members of our team every week!

Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Orange, Locust Grove, Northern Virginia, or even Maryland or DC, we are your Real Estate team committed to finding the perfect home for you! Thinking of selling? In any market condition, “what is my home worth?” is the #1 question asked by homeowners. If you wish to sell your home, it needs to be sold for top dollar, and in a timely manner. Pricing your home accurately, one of our area expert advisors will partner with you to make the selling process so much easier. Get started today by calling us at (540) 388-2541 or contact Pat Licata.

To see available properties, please visit our website licatagroup.com

Feeling Lucky? Pop-by Our Office For A Free Scratch-Off Ticket!

Pop-by our Licata Group Office Tues, Wed, or Thurs March 16-18th between 9am-5pm for a free scratch-off ticket, & your chance to win BIG in our GRAND-PRIZE Raffle!

No purchase is necessary, and you must be 18+ to participate. Limited quantities are available, with a limit of one scratcher per household.

Ask us for a way to become registered for the grand-prize!

 Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Orange, Locust Grove, Culpeper, Northern Virginia or even Maryland or DC, we are your Real Estate team committed to finding the perfect home for you! Thinking of selling? In any market condition, “what is my home worth?” is the #1 question asked by homeowners. If you wish to sell your home, it needs to be sold for top dollar, and in a timely manner. Pricing your home accurately, one of our area expert advisors will partner with you to make the selling process so much easier. Get started today by calling us at (540) 388-2541 or contact Pat Licata.

To see available properties, please visit our website licatagroup.com

Licata Group Shred Day on Saturday, April, 17th 2021!

We will be hosting a Community Shred Day on Saturday, April 17th from 11 AM – 2PM! Just in time for the end of tax season, so salsa on over and safely and securely shred your documents! The Shred-it truck will be located within the Food Lion parking lot across from the Lake of the Woods front gate, near our office at 36111 Goodwin Drive (between AT&T and CVS). Donations are encouraged but not required, as all proceeds will benefit Lake of the Woods Fire and Rescue. We love being a resource to our community, so come and shred to your heart’s content!

Bring your appetite, too! The fabulous Taco Tuesday Food Truck will be there selling a delicious variety of Mexican fare. Let’s support our community! For more updates, be sure to Click Here!

 Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Orange, Locust Grove, Culpeper, Northern Virginia or even Maryland or DC, we are your Real Estate team committed to finding the perfect home for you! Thinking of selling? In any market condition, “what is my home worth?” is the #1 question asked by homeowners. If you wish to sell your home, it needs to be sold for top dollar, and in a timely manner. Pricing your home accurately, one of our area expert advisors will partner with you to make the selling process so much easier. Get started today by calling us at (540) 388-2541 or contact Pat Licata.

To see available properties, please visit our website licatagroup.com

Secure Shredding Service Now Available For Our Clients’ Use!

If you’re looking to shred some old papers or documents, now you can do so at our office! We are proud to announce that we have an on-site secure shredding service that we’re providing to our clients for FREE!! All you have to do is come to our office at 36111 Goodwin Drive (between CVS and AT&T across from the LOW front gate) during our office hours, Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, and ask to speak to one of our team members. You will be guided to the locked box that is only accessible by Iron Mountain, the shredding service. You’ll place your documents in the locked box and when full, Iron Mountain retrieves the contents and provides us with a certificate when contents have been shredded. We love being a resource to our community, so come to our office and shred to your hearts content!

 Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Orange, Locust Grove, Culpeper, Northern Virginia or even Maryland or DC, we are your Real Estate team committed to finding the perfect home for you! Thinking of selling? In any market condition, “what is my home worth?” is the #1 question asked by homeowners. If you wish to sell your home, it needs to be sold for top dollar, and in a timely manner. Pricing your home accurately, one of our area expert advisors will partner with you to make the selling process so much easier. Get started today by calling us at (540) 388-2541 or contact Pat Licata.

To see available properties, please visit our website licatagroup.com

Meet The Newest Member of The Licata Group!

Caring and Helping, Bespoke Solutions, equals Happy Satisfied Clients in Real Estate.

David’s life journey started in Scotland and has taken him and his family to Canada and four states in the USA. During his extensive career in global relocation, he built businesses with service teams and worked with fortune 50 clients as well as government entities. The World Bank, US Dept. of State and the DOD all entrusted re-locations to David and his team’s care. As a “penny pinching” Scotsman, he values the importance of delivering great results within reasonable budgets. Currently living in Leesburg, VA David is helping to expand the Licata Group’s success in Loudoun county and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia.

David and his wife Alison are proud grandparents, and are blessed to have their son, daughter in law and two grand-babies nearby in Ashburn, VA. Rescue dogs Teddy and Chloe are also part of the family as well as real football (soccer!), formula one, wineries, and cooking are all loves in David’s life. Oh and fair WARNING “Don’t let him near a karaoke microphone”!!

David’s Certifications: Certified Relocation Professional (CRP), Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) in membership with the WERC (Worldwide Employee Relocation Council) and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management).

Licata Group/KWCP Coronavirus Update

With the recent orders from Governor Northem in regards to the Coronavirus, we at The Licata Group/KWCP have decided to temporarily close our physical office at 36111 Goodwin Drive in Locust Grove, VA. That being said, our efforts to serve our community and continuing our efforts to get the job done for our clients who are buying and selling will not stop. Effective today, 4/1/2020, we will be working remotely. Our phones will remain active and we will not slow down at all. We will continue to work with clients, and provide the best possible service during this time.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (540) 388-2541.

We thank you for your understanding, and look forward to continuing to working with the best clients that the great Commonwealth of Virginia has to offer.

Meet the Newest Member of the Licata Group, Barbra Crane!

We are happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Licata Group family, our new Listing Manager, Barbra Crane!

Barbra began her real estate career in 1998 as a licensed assistant. She then went on to sell real estate and has won several awards for her production over the years.  In 2004 she obtained her Broker’s license, and in 2008 she became the team leader for the Stafford KW office.  It was there that she found her a passion in helping agents succeed. Being a team leader is what made her realize that her calling is in helping realtors build their business and teams. Her favorite part of the work she does is the involvement in listings.  

She joined the Licata Group as the Listing Manager because she felt that she could have the best of both worlds.  She could work with listings, which are her favorite, as well as helping the agents within the Licata Group and our wonderful clientele. She thoroughly enjoys the work she does, and it has become her true passion in life. When out of the office, she likes to spend her free time by camping, traveling to various places both old and new, and racing! 

We are happy to have such an amazing person become a member of our family, and we look forward to seeing how she will enhance the experience for our real estate advisors and for our clients!

Licata Group/KWCP Addressing The Coronavirus

Dear VALUED members of The Licata Group/Keller Williams Capital Properties Family,

We are all aware of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, and we wanted to reach out and assure you that we are taking every necessary effort and precaution to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients and community. While the virus does affect the methods in which traditional business operations are conducted, rest assured that we will continue to operate to the best of our abilities. Our Licata Group team of Full Time Real Estate Advisors are adapting to best meet the needs of clients, and our employees to continue operations. As times change, we must change with them. It is for that reason that we are here to inform you how we will be operating until further notice.

  • Our Licata Group office will continue to operate within normal business hours with limited personnel occupying the facility in order to ensure a healthy working environment. This may change within the coming weeks should the Governor issue a quarantine. Should that occur, our Administrative and Client Support staff are prepared to begin working from home, while still performing their necessary duties.
  • Our Real Estate Advisors will continue their efforts in both the buying and selling process, while taking the necessary precautions to ensure that the health and safety of everyone is protected. This includes sanitizing all doorknobs and any other frequently touched surface with Alcohol wipes, and antibacterial products.

As you are aware, one of the most crucial parts of the home buying and selling process are showings and open houses.

  • Showings will continue to occur; however, we urge both clients and staff to take the necessary precautions when entering a home. This includes frequent sanitization, and proper self-distancing.
  • At this time, all traditional Open Houses have been postponed until it is deemed safe for the public. That being said, we will begin conducting Virtual Open Houses that will walk clients through each home, while explaining everything about the property. These virtual open houses will be displayed on the homepage of our websites, as well as our various social media platforms. Viewers are encouraged to ask any and all questions they may have, to which our advisors will promptly respond to.

We will continue to update you on any further changes that may occur. With the way our world is changing, it’s important to remain optimistic. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support, as we continue our efforts during this time. Things may change in this world, but we will do our best to adapt and meet the needs of our employees, our clients and our community.

Stay Safe!!


Your Licata Group Family

A How-To Guide for Buying a house Out of State

Buying a house out of state can be a big bite for many of us. Some are even scared to try, and rightfully so. There are many things that can go wrong even when you are buying a house in your neighborhood, let alone somewhere far away. But, don’t be discouraged. If your mind is set on buying a property out of state, this guide will help you ensure the deal goes smoothly. 

Do a thorough research

It goes without saying that you should do thorough research before buying a home wherever you decide it should be. Don’t rely entirely on your real estate agent. Of course, he or she is there to help you find the best place for your relocation, but there are some things that should be doublechecked. Furthermore, there are some details about the neighborhood that not even your agent is familiar with. Google can lend a helping hand, you just have to know where to search. Arm yourself with patience and start browsing. There are many neighborhood guides that can be very helpful for getting to know a community of your interest. These guides are great because they tell you a lot about local crime rates, employment potential, weather, and economic stability

Always do thorough research before making any big decisions

Start early to avoid stress

Searching for a home to buy is stressful under the best of circumstances, but buying out of state can be incredibly stressful. A house is usually the most expensive thing that people buy, so the process should be performed with the utmost care. You can help yourself a lot by starting the search as early as possible. If you have decided to move, the ideal time to start searching for your new home is six months before the due date of your relocation. Three months is also a doable period, but don’t let yourself start a search later than that. 

Be careful when choosing an agent for buying a house out of state

When you decide to relocate out of state, you need to find a real estate agent who will do most of the work for you. And, there is a lot of work to be done. An international move often means a lot of paperwork, so some people are not sure whether they should hire a real estate agent or a lawyer when buying a property.

The best decision you can make is to hire a buyer’s agent in the state you are relocating to. Do not ask a listing agent to represent you since he or she will probably represent the seller. In that case, their job is to sell a certain property for the biggest amount of money and they only have the seller’s best interest in mind, not yours. So, you should choose a buyer’s agent

A good buyer’s agent is your biggest help

How do I choose a buyer’s agent for buying a house out of state?

The buyer’s agent is definitely a better option than a listing agent, but still, you shouldn’t pick one randomly. Instead, you can discuss it with a real estate agent in your present community. Find one that you trust and ask him/her to refer a colleague from the area you’ll be moving to. If the real estate agent is a member of the National Association of Realtors, he/she will have access to various databases. They can even see their colleagues’ success rates. By getting a referral, you can ensure that you do not become a victim of various realty scams. 

Hire a relocation specialist

Have you heard of relocation specialists? No, that is not the term used for professional movers such as Gibraltar Van Lines who can help you relocate wherever and whenever you feel like. A relocation specialist is a person who can help you with many aspects of your move. The only thing that they do not do is negotiate your home purchase. However, they can:

  • help you find a real estate agent to start home-hunting;
  • connect you to moving companies;
  • give you the necessary details about the education and employment system in your future home town;
  • help you sell and close on your current home which is an important part of the procedure you have to go through when buying a house out of state.

It is a common practice for companies that are relocating to hire relocation specialists. That is why many people do not know they are available to individuals as well.

Take a trip and get an inspection of your potential home if you can

If you are buying a house out of state you will probably not be able to go to every showing in person. What you can do is ask your agent to give you a virtual tour of the houses that you have shortlisted. Speaking of such tours, don’t fall for online virtual tours because they are usually a part of a moving scam. 

When the time comes for you to make an offer on the house, you should really make an effort and see everything in person. There are many things that even the best real estate agents will not notice. You will be able to feel the space, and that is something no virtual tour or agent’s descriptions can replace. And you wouldn’t want to make a mistake when making such a crucial decision as buying a house out of state, would you? 

Try to go and see the property you are interested in buying in person

Many sellers would work on some features that make their home sell faster while neglecting some major issues about their property. That is where a home inspection comes in handy. It might be a burden to your budget, but at least you will know what you are dealing with. 

Close on your current home first

If the out-of-state closing is scheduled on the same day as the closing on your current home, you might have a problem. The lender for your new house must receive a closing statement from the old one. The best thing you can do is schedule the closing on the new house a few days after the closing on your current one.

 Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Fredericksburg, Stafford, Orange, Locust Grove, Norther Virginia or even Maryland or DC, we are your Real Estate team committed to finding the perfect home for you! Thinking of selling? In any market condition, “what is my home worth?” is the #1 question asked by homeowners. If you wish to sell your home, it needs to be sold for top dollar, and in a timely manner. Pricing your home accurately, one of our area expert advisors will partner with you to make the selling process so much easier. Get started today by calling us at (540) 388-2541 or contact Pat Licata.

To see available properties, please visit our website lakeofthewoodsvirginia.com

Seller Success Stories for Licata Group

“We worked with Lauren in the sell of our home and buy of our new home. The Licata group and Lauren were amazing. They were very responsive and on top of everything. Our lender gave them a bit of a run around at times, but Jazmine handled it perfectly. We are so happy with our experience!”-S.Lukachik

“Just about as good as it gets. The Licata Group rocks. Everyone I dealt with at the Licata Group and at Lakeside Title was extremely helpful. Mary bent over backwards to help me find a house and to make sure I was happy every step of the way. A big thank you to Mary, John, Pat, Jazmine, Teresa and Nash.”-D. Meislin

“Dan has helped us both in the sale of our home and in the purchase of our new home. He made sure everything went as smooth as possible. I highly recommend Dan and his team at the Licata Group.”- D. Boysen

“The entire team is wonderful to work with! Lauren was my realtor and helped me through this difficult process beautifully! She is very prompt in responding to phone, text or emails, and is delightful to work with!” -Linda Armstrong

“After attending a seminar presented by the Licata Group we knew when it came time to list our home they were the company we wanted. From the beginning they were straightforward, listened and provided sound reasonable advice. From the time our home was listed we were kept updated on all activity. We highly recommend the Licata Group. Our home sold for full price within a week. Thank you Lauren and thank you staff.” Chuck and Gail Spruce

“I highly recommend the Licata Group. The sale of my home was quick and everyone was wonderful in answering all of my questions. Very professional and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process.”-L. Marie

“The Licata team is phenomenal! Pat and the rest of her team made selling our home easy, and they walked us through every step of the process with patience. My husband and I are so happy that we partnered with them to sell our first home. Thank you so much for such a pleasant experience!”-J. Perez

“The Licata Group with Lauren Cotton providing leadership and customer interface, not only helped us purchase our new home, they also helped sell our old home in 18 days at full price! Thank you for all your assistance, service and professionalism. It was a great experience and I recommend that anyone considering similar activities, call on the Licata Group as they are the best in Locust Grove and especially in LOW! Thankful for making such a great decision to trust the Licata Group with our property and requirements for the new home!”-M. Mauro

“Mary, with the Licata Group, was wonderful. She kept me informed and connected me to qualified, affordable and responsive contractors when I needed to fix some last minute items. Sold the house in a month at a higher price point than I expected.”-K. Abel

“We were very fortunate to have had Lauren as our agent and the selling of my parents home. Very professional, but personable as she was very considerate of our emotional connection to the home since it was the last home my parents lived in. Walked us through this process with ease and highly accessible at all times. We highly recommend Lauren as a bright, successful, personable and energetic agent that we were so grateful to have worked with in the selling of our home.”-C. Ocetnik

“Working with Lauren, as well as the whole Licata team, was a great experience. We received excellent responsiveness and service from all members of the team and our house sold much more quickly, and at a higher price, than we expected.”-K. Gentile

“Pat’s reputation for representing sellers in Lake of the Woods is second to none. So, when it came time to sell my home, the Licata Group was the natural choice for us. From first contact all the way until closing day, Pat provided excellent service. The results speak for themselves. Our house sold in two days at 4% above asking price. Closing day was a breeze. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks Pat Licata!”-M. Perez

“We contacted Pat to talk to her about selling my mom’s house. She helped us decide on the timing, and then when we decided to go ahead and sell right away, got things moving even faster than we could have expected. House sold right away, at a good price. She responded to a couple issues with the house, turning concerns into minor issues that were quickly resolved, rather than leaving us to figure out what we could or should do. Great advice and service!”-S. Hein

“Working with Pat was a very smooth process from getting the house ready for the market, to closing on the home. Pat is very confident and knowledgeable when it comes to selling. She said she would be sure if we didn’t have an offer within two weeks. Our first three offers were sent only after three days on the market. Her sales team are remarkable. Very helpful from start to finish. I never felt alone. If you’re looking for a realtor that can produce results, look no further. Call on Pat. You will be pleased with the top notch customer service you’ll receive. Thank you Pat!”-R. Kunka

“Lauren Cotton, with Licata Group, was our listing agent. She gave us helpful advice for preparing our home for listing and scheduled an open house almost immediately. To our surprise and delight, we had several offers within 48 hours of listing. We closed in four weeks, and we could not be more pleased with Lauren and the Licata team, who guided us through every step of the way.”-M. Onderdonk

“I’ve had Pat sell both of my houses within a week. The first house had a real estate agent who appraised it too low and she came in with confidence saying she knew it was worth more and she was right. We ended up selling for more than the asking price. The second house was a new build and had Multiple offers with a contract within a week. We only trust her because she is organized and knows the area so well. She is always willing to talk and answer any questions anytime of the day. She’s a wonderful human being. Everybody else at the office is very on top of things especially Jazmine. Thank you Licata group!”

“We had the best experience selling our rental house in Lake of the Woods. Lauren Cotton was such a blessing. Lauren is very knowledgeable about the area, answered all of our questions ( both text and calls) and was always there when we needed anything. Lauren made the selling of our home easy, relaxing and a great experience over all. The Licata Group is the way to.”-K. Lancing

“This was by far the best home selling experience I’ve ever had! The Licata group is very thorough and every detail is taken care of. They have a true team approach to things! Thank you for such a smooth sale of our home! I would highly recommend this group for all of your home buying or selleng needs! They treat you like family!”-T. Schohn

“Extremely professional, helpful, and just an all around great team of great people. They all really went the extra mile with every step of the process. Highly recommend Licata Group to anyone buying or selling a home!”-D. Kalista

“Lauren was very organized, professional, and friendly. She returned phone calls and emails promptly, and thoroughly explained any questions we had. We will use her services again in the future.”-R. Lancing

“The Licata Group was phenomenal through the whole process of selling our home. They fully explained the process and answered all questions we had. All members of the team are so friendly and we’re very helpful and accommodating! I will be reaching out to them again when the time comes for me to purchase a new home and highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. They were truly great! :)”-B. Kalista

“From the moment our Licata Agent, Lauren Cotton visited our property we felt very comfortable and at ease in our discussions about selling our home.
Every step of the process was explained to us in a very professional manner and we felt extremely confident that the Licata Group were there for us.
The whole Licata team were involved from start to finish and were in constant communication throughout the whole process.
The experienced and friendly advice we received from Lauren, Jazmine, and Barbara made it very easy for us to sell our home and remove the stress that is normally associated with this process. We would definitely recommend the Licata Realty Group.”-A. East

“The Licata Group-Keller Williams sold our home painlessly. Mary, our realtor, was with us every step of the way. She kept us updated on potential buyers, house showing and what we needed to do, if anything. Jazmine, our processor, handled all of our paperwork and ensured that any work on the house was scheduled. We have sold two homes over the course of our stay in Virginia, and by far going through Licata Group-Keller Williams has been the easiest!”-R. Webb

“We sold our home with Licata Group on the first day of listing. The home was priced appropriately for the market and advice for sale was spot-on. The team’s professional behavior and extensive experience were evident, from start to finish, including every staff member with whom we interacted. We highly recommend the Licatas and especially, Pat, who was a calming influence during an otherwise stressful situation.” -M. Tee

“Sold my house in 3 hours for full asking price. If u want the best, start with the best. Dan was excellent help. Pat and John are awesome. Don’t bother using another company because it is a waste if time.”-K. Kulick

“We had a wonderful Realtor Mary! She made everything as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend her and her team.”-E. Webb

“Attempting to sell a home during a Pandemic isn’t something I would ever recommend. But with the Licata Group; Pat, John, Lauren, Barbra, and Jazmine always at the ready to calm my fears and reassure me at every turn, I’d never work with anyone else. They got me into my home 3 years ago, and were able to then sell it for me when I needed to make this current life change. The agency had so many hurdles due to the COVID-19 Pandemic: virtual home sales, virtual open houses, and they handled it all with Grace and Professionalism.
Bravo, once again, Licata Group! I would recommend this team over and over and over!!!” -J. Laganga

“Contrary to popular belief, Winter is a good time to sell a home. In winter there are fewer snoopers and more serious buyers wanting to see the house. We contracted to sell a house in Lake of The Woods with Pat Licata in late December, had showings in January and February, signed a contract at the middle of February and closed by mid March for 98.5% of the listing price. The myriad of annoying details were handled by the Licata group and the closing went off without a hitch. Well done team Licata!!!”-P. Aitken-Cade

“I’ve used multiple agents in the area, the Licata group has been the best by far. They have a competent and responsive team, Jazmine is amazing.”-RCI Design

“Pat and The Licata team did a great job selling our existing home and helping my husband and I purchase a new home. Any problems that arose they quickly extinguished them. We would highly recommend Pat and The Licata team to anyone. Thank You Pat and The Licata Team”-R. McMillan

“Licata Group recently assisted us in selling a lot at Lake of the Woods. In a word, their support was outstanding. They expertly evaluated the property, advised on pricing and got the property on listing quickly. It sold in one day. When a family emergency called one of us away over a holiday weekend, the professionals at Licata Group helped get the necessary power of attorney and other documents developed so they could be signed and notarized before travel. Their expertise in remote closing was also especially useful as we live some distance from the property. Overall, we are very happy with the support we received; we will use their firm again if we decide to buy in the area; and recommended them to buyers (or sellers) seeking a smooth and professional real estate experience.” – R. Demeyere

“Great experience with the Licata group! My agent Lauren Cotton, was perfect through every step of the process and sold my house in less than a week. Top notch team and would use and recommend them to anyone.” -R. Cole

“Today marks the 3rd house sale Pat has helped me with. Shortly I will have another house on the market and it will be with Pat. Pat is able to help you locate contractors to repair or replace anything. When she tells you something you can take it to the bank. For me that means almost everything. I recommend her and her team to anyone.”-T. Dean

“The Licata Group sold my son a home in June and sold me a home just today. The entire staff is professional and great people to work with. Mary Maurer was the agent for both homes. She was wonderful each time. I would certainly recommend The Licata Group to any buyer or seller in the LOW area and most definitely recommend Mary. Thanks to all of you.” -B. Guill

“Pat and her team are wonderful to work with. Every question I had was answered quickly and I always felt like they were hard at work getting my home sold. It felt easy and seamless. I would highly recommend the Licata Group for anyone looking to sell or buy a home!” – K. Truong

“Great group of people. LOVED the personal touch with everything. Lauren is amazing.”-Mike A.

“I was very pleased with the professionalism of Mrs Pat Licata. It was very nice to get text by The Licata Group from potential buyers and time they wanted to look at your home and you decide. The house sold in less than a week. Thanks Pat for all your hard work!!!”- R. McMillan

“Very, very professional. Absolutely love Pat!!! She’s a amazing women very sweet. Overall her whole team is the BEST!!!!”-Shannon B

“Personalized service that got the job done. Great advice when things got hairy, and it all ended well!”-S. Calvert

“Pat and team did a great job selling our house. She gave practical, reasonable and smart suggestions to help prepare our house for market. She takes a very personal and genuine approach to her work and it shows. She is responsive, honest and delivers on her commitments. She is top notch!”-N. Balle

“The Licata Group was extremely professional with assisting me with a purchase and a sale. Everyone made sure that all documents and procedures were done in a timely manner, with someone always available to answer questions. I highly recommend the Licata Group to anyone interested in working with a friendly, knowledgeable, and focused team. I have no reservations about referring them to future clients. Job well done!”-D. Berg

“Good team, very resourceful to get the job done. Thank you!”-K. Olson

“Thank you Pat, Lauren and Jazmine for all you did to help me buy my new house and rent the old house. You all are very professional, coordinate and communicate well; even while you were supposed to be on vacation! Great ethics and kindness to boot! Can’t thank you all enough.” – L. Novak

“We had an extremely positive experience working with the Licata Group during the sale of our home. Pat Licata and her staff were extremely professional, knowledgeable and supportive throughout the process of selling our home. Pat went “the extra mile” in doing things to facilitate the sale of our home. Pat was always immediately responsive to any of our inquiries during this process and we had total trust in her judgment and ability to get the job done! We would highly recommend Pat without hesitation to anyone looking for a fantastic real estate agent!” -K. Rothenberg

“Pat recently sold our house and we were thrilled to get the price we hoped for. She knows LOW inside & out. She has a wonderful personality and is an absolute joy to work with. She is professional and efficient with a caring touch. I HIGHLY recommend her.” -M. Liebold

“Pat Licata and her staff provided the epitome of professional service and constant attention directed at selling our property. We have made over 15 moves in the past, and this office ranks at the top of our list of recommended realtors. Anyone contemplating selling or buying a home in the Fredericksburg/Locust Grove area should first consider Pat’s office. You won’t regret your decision.” – B. Fredericks

“Best real estate experience I have had. My house sold quickly and at a fair price. Easy to work with and excellent communicators.” -S. Rycerz

“The Licata Group was very helpful in preparing our listing and checking with the LOWA to make sure there were no problems with the sale. We live in the Washington DC area and it was very helpful that we were able to do almost the entire process remotely.  Our thanks to Pat Licata and her staff for a successful sale.” -F. Killeen

“If you want to “sell” your house, list it with the Licata Group. They get it done! They exceeded our expectations. They really made it rather easy. They kept us informed and updated throughout the process. To Pat, John, and the entire team, thank you so much!!! The amazing Licata Group, they really feel like family.” – T. Schwartz

“Pat’s experience and energy really makes her stand out from the other Realtors.” – R. Linker

“Pat and the Licata Group recently sold my condo and their performance was fantastic.  They listed the price at forty thousand dollars higher than the local taxing authority’s assessed value.  We had a signed contract at full price in ten days and it closed twenty days later.  Their achievement exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Pat and the Licata Group.” – J. Hopkins

“Dan and Mrs. Seiler were outstanding realtors from the time we first met them to closing.  Even after closing, they kept in contact with us to make sure everything went well and if they could assist us with anything else.  I rate they a 10+++++.  If we hear of anyone moving to Virginia or looking to sell a home I would highly recommend them.” -D. Wells

“The Licata Group was wonderful to work with. Both Pat and John went above and beyond to help me get one house sold and another one bought. I highly recommend this firm for all real estate needs.” J. Davis.

“What an incredible experience!! The Licata Group went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied and informed in all details of both selling and buying a home! We couldn’t have asked for a better team to guide us through this process. Everyone was very prompt in response to any questions we had!” -S. Basham

“Pat and her team were wonderful. They were very patient and took the time to explain what was going to happen so there were no surprises. We truly appreciate everything Pat and her team did for us they definitely go the extra mile for their clients. I highly recommend Licata Group to anyone looking to buy or sell.”-W.Baer

“We appreciated the honesty that Pat provided. We also appreciate the patience and thoroughness the entire team throughout the selling process. We highly recommend the Licata Group if you are selling or purchasing.” -J Baer

“Dan Seiler and the entire Licata Team were outstanding. Special shout out to Jazmine also! Professional, extremely responsive to every email or phone call, and they went above and beyond in all aspects. Loaned us the van for moving furniture, coordinated all contractors and access to home, even helped fill a moving van when they stopped by at the right (wrong?!) time. Since we did not live in the area of the house we were listing for sale, Dan and his team were our “boots on the ground” for the entire process and made it amazingly easy on us. Highly recommend!!!” – M. Hornaday

“Pat Licata’s team at Lake of the Wood Realty has been a pleasure to work with. They provided help with many aspects of refurbishing then prepping my property before sale. They had good local contractor recommendations, and local Locust Grove / Lake of the Woods VA market insights to properly set the proper sales price and enable a quick and efficient sale. I would definitely work with them again, as they enabled the complete sales process without problems or last minute surprises.” M.Falletti

“Excellent customer service. Pat’s team sold our house in less than 2 weeks! We were kept informed and were provided excellent feedback. Can’t say enough good things about this group. Thank you for your service.” L. Gunther

“Above par service! Our home was beautifully marketed and sold within the 1st week. We received multiple offers, had many showings, and closed in two weeks. Pat is a real estate genius and her team is very helpful. Smooth and stress free describe our experience best!” L. Joback

“We had a difficult house to sell, but Pat and her team were with us every step of the way with suggestions, recommendations, and advice. Pat knows the community inside out and her insights were invaluable. Once we had an offer, Jazmine stepped up and guided us through the process, always keeping us informed. Despite some setbacks with our sale along the way, Pat and her team brought us to a successful close. We highly recommend the Licata Group!” M. Strauss

“This is the 2nd house sale I have utilized Pat and her team. I am very happy with my experience. Pat goes the extra mile for her clients” T Dean

“We found them to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and they kept us informed as the  complicated project progresses.” S Foster

“I HIGHLY recommend the Licata Group! From the beginning to the end, my experience was a positive one with them! They were great at communicating & always made sure my needs were met! I have nothing but great things to say about the entire company. Thank you all SO much for all the hard work!” B. Castagnola

“Dan was amazing and totally dealt with us in a way that we could have only dreamed of.” R.Johnson

“Pat and the support team provided practical advice as we prepared for the sale. We got our money back on the additional investments and got an offer within 10 days of listing.  The support team also did a great job arranging final repairs and checkups based on the inspection which save a lot of time for us. Finally, the online tools for tracking marketing activity and electronic signing of documents worked without a hitch.  Times have really changed since last time I sold a house!” James French

“Pat and her team in particular are incredibly responsive and efficient. I believe they are far and away the most knowledgeable and process oriented real estate company in eastern Orange County. Pat’s knowledge in pricing and presenting the property was invaluable. The brochure that was put together was invaluable in getting the best side of the property to the public. I was completely satisfied with Pat and the Licata Group.” B. Lookabill

“The entire Licata Group made buying a different home and selling our current one a very positive experience. A shout out to Jazmine for going above and beyond more than once to make things go smoothly, even after both sales were complete. John patiently helped us find just the right house to purchase and then Pat was able to get our ‘old’ house sold even before the listing was finalized! Licata Group KNOWS the Lake!” – P. Archer

“The Licata Group helped locate the perfect home for us and then turned around and were able to deliver a contract on our original house the same day as we listed it with them. Jazmine went above and beyond in assisting with all the paperwork and continually kept us on track and informed every step of the way. Pat and John really know Lake of the Woods and made what always has the potential to be a trying experience into an enjoyable one.” The Archers

“With the Licata group you get more than 1 person working to sell your home you literally get a whole office. We appreciated all the quick responses and feedback after showings. Even when we called for info on contractors for minor repairs or progress reports when our house sold the response was same day. Everyone in Pat’s office is involved in the process. Call her!” The Letoile’s

“We couldn’t be happier with how helpful Pat Licata and her team were in selling our home. We highly recommend the Licata Group!!” Rich D.

“Pat Licata was outstanding in selling our home. We had an original contract on the home before it even listed. The contract fell through 5 days before scheduled closing! Pat listed our home on May 26th and aggressively marketed it which paid off! We had a contract within 14 days and closed within 6 weeks!! We highly recommend Pat and her team!” The  Dennehy’s

“Couldn’t ask for a better seller’s agent. She went above and beyond anything I expected. The process went smoothly because of her and she was there every step of the way for any issues that arose. Can’t recommend her highly enough.” S Majumdar

“Our experience with The Licata Group was such a pleasure. They were so efficient. They were with us every step of the process.” The Sahley’s

“My experience with the Licata Group was outstanding. You made a long distant sale so uncomplicated. Pat and her team are so knowledgeable in Lake of the Woods and the surrounding area. They know how to market your property to its best advantage. From listing to closing, they make the process seamless. A special shout out to Jasmine for making the inspection and closing go smoothly. ”  D. Becker

“Pat and the Licata group did a great job selling my house. It sold immediately and the entire sales process went smoothly. When issues arose with the HOA the staff handled all the problems for me.”- C. Beckham

“From start to finish Pat Licata was the perfect agent! Our house was on the market only a few days and we had a buyer. Pat has surrounded herself with a strong team and our experience was absolutely perfect. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts–you are awesome.” Doug Welsh

“Pat Licata and her team are second to none! I felt supported through the entire process, from pictures to closing! We had a full price offer within days. I highly and enthusiastically recommend Pat and the entire Licata Group.” S Berube

“Pat and her colleague, Dan Sieler, did a super job in selling a property I owned in Arlington, VA. The property sold within 8 days of listing. I received multiple offers; and it sold at more than the offering price.” – Carl V

“Excellent customer service. Pat’s team sold our house in less than 2 weeks! We were kept informed and were provided excellent feedback. Can’t say enough good things about this group. Thank you for your service”- A. Joseph

“We had an almost full-price offer within a week after Pat Licata listed this lot, even though another agent said that lots were hard to sell. Her assistant did a good job of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, too.” L.Epstein

“The overall experience was so professional and “smooth”. Like a well—oiled machine. Can’t think of anything they could have done better! The team approach made us feel very special, especially Michelle and Jazmine. Go with the team that excels and meets all expectations!” The Gunther’s

“I could not ask for a better real estate agent. She was an excellent guide for me from the very first. I did not know what selling price would ensure that the house would sell quickly with the best return for me. She was extremely knowledgeable about the prices in the area and suggested the ideal price. She and her associates staged the house to reveal “the bones of the house,” ensured that the house was open for inspection by potential buyers, and ensured that all paperwork was accurately and efficiently completed. I considered myself lucky to have selected her as two excellent offers were received within 24 hours resulting in a fast sale.”- A.Turvey

“Pat is absolutely awesome. She helped us make our home presentable before putting our home on the market. Pat made sure she made each process from showing the home to being under contract to selling our home very smooth. She always kept in contact either it was her personally or her awesome team in the office. If I had another house to sell I would use Pat Licata again!”- J Moore

“There is no other Real Estate team that comes close to The Licata Group. Pat & John Licata have put together a group of professionals covering all areas of any real estate process. Besides knowing their “job”, they have a true interest in their clients getting only the best possible results. This is why they continue to be the leader in the area. I had the utmost confidence that any problem coming up would quickly and efficiently be taken care of by Pat, Jane or Jasmine, and they certainly went out of their way to make sure that was the case. I highly recommend the Licata Group. You will be putting yourself in the best hands possible.”-  Bonnie Stern

“We highly recommended Pat to sell your home. She will come completely prepared to listen and understand what you want. Very impressed by her team as well. Thanks for all you have done. Very positive experience selling our home.”- The Johnson’s

“We have worked with many realtors in the past 50 years and the Licata Group is by far the best. They were very responsive to all our needs. Pat and her staff were always professional and eager to help.
I feel she went above and beyond our expectations. They were always eager to give us advice in a friendly, professional manner. From the listing of our home to the final settlement Pat was always available to listen to our and address our concerns.”- The Drigger’s

“We couldn’t have made it through this process without you! Your knowledge, expertise and patience were invaluable…” -Rex and Lynn
“Mary Maurer was exceptional to work with and along with Jazmine Rubi they made our house hunting a pleasure!” -M. Walser

“As first time sellers, everyone was very patient and walked us through everything that needed to be done with kindness and respect. Thank you so much Pat and group! ” The Cronin’s

“We can’t say enough about how pleased we are with our experience. Pat provided expert guidance on preparing our home for the market, priced it perfectly, and we had a contract within a week and a half. The top notch Licata Group staff provided excellent communication, professional marketing and continuous support during the entire process – we would advise anyone looking to buy or sell in Locust Grove to visit the Licata Group.” The Crowell’s

“The Licata Group were the ultimate professionals. They listened, worked hard, and gave me good counsel. They “sold” my house when two other agencies could not.” C Boechler

“We have only positive things to say about Pat Licata and everyone who guided us through the sale of our house. They began showing it right away, kept us informed and let us know immediately what we needed to do. Going to closing was smooth and orderly. What a great experience! We highly recommend Pat Licata.”   -Jack and Janet Ervin

“We were very pleased with Pat’s expertise and service when we were selling our home. Starting with the initial meetings on staging and pricing our home, through to the negotiations and settlement, Pat supported us every step of the way. Within 2 weeks of the listing, we had a ratified sales contract. Thank you Pat and the Licata team!” -DReddy

“Our experience with Pat Licata was excellent. Pat is extremely knowledgeable about our community in Lake of the Woods. She was very thorough in telling us about the sales process and responded very quickly to our questions. Pat utilized several sales techniques which ultimately resulted in the sale of our home to a wonderful couple. We couldn’t be any happier with Pat and highly recommend her and the Licata Group.”- M. Hayes

“Pat and the Licata Group were wonderful to work with and made the whole experience of selling our home easy! Pat and her team were always readily available for any and all questions we had and responded quickly. The professionalism of this group is exceptional and we highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of selling their home!” – T.Corvetti

“Clearly a cut above in terms of knowledge, support and client service. Made selling the home remotely seamless and stress free. I would highly recommend Pat and her team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in this area.”- WTJackson

“The Licata Group are top notch experienced real estate professionals! They sold two homes for us and assisted in a purchase. The market was hot and homes were getting multiple offers. They guided us through that and helped us find a great house. The Lake of the Woods community is fortunate to have them!”- SL Shope

“Pat knows the LOW area very well and has a good feel for the market. We were able to sell our house very quickly and for a fair price. The property was a long term rental and had been neglected for a while and needed some work. So it was great to get the place sold so quickly after deciding to finally sell.” – Mr. Klabo

“We are so grateful that we found Pat Licata. She is wonderful! Detailed. Patient. Knowledgeable. Helpful. Accessible! She personally walked us from step A to Z and continues to be of assistance even after the buying and selling of the homes.” – Mrs. Reddick

“We had a great experience. From day one, she was available by phone or text for anything. She was honest, fair and upfront and helpful through the process. We were not local and selling a parent’s home from afar. Thanks so much for the service!” – Stephanie M.

“I had an excellent experience with Pat Licata. I found her expertise and knowledge of the local area to be superb. She was very responsive and catered to the needs of my wife and I. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!” – Darnell R.

“Great group of people. LOVED the personal touch with everything. Lauren is amazing.”-M. Akers

“The short time we listed our house with Licata Group was beyond our expectations. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. I sold a lot of houses, and this by far was the easiest and fastest.” – Leonard and Joyce W.

“I am so happy that we found Pat and the Licata Group. Their service exceeded expectations. With detail and patience, they carefully guided us through each step of the buying and selling process. And they were still available for help and referrals afterwards! Great people. Great company.” – Jen B.

“Very effective marketing; friendly and personal approach towards clients; willingness to go the extra mile.” – Bernard P.

“The Licata Team was wonderful! I didn’t have to worry about anything; anytime I needed something it was done right after I asked. I couldn’t recommend a better team to sell or help you buy a home! Simply put they are one AWESOME GROUP!! I’d recommend to anyone!” – Ronda K.

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