Jetskiing on New Year's Eve at Lake of the Woods

I am a creature of habit. I love iced tea from McDonald’s-unsweet, light ice, with lemon. Each morning, my routine is to exit Lake of the Woods through the front gate, get my tea, chat with my McDonald’s friends, and then re-enter through the back gate, and then drive completely around the lake. I preview homes from the exterior that have just come on the market and simply take in the beautiful sights. Today was no different, except that I was later than usual. Because of this, the lake was buzzing with activity. The usual traffic-squirrels, chipmunks, and the occasional car-was accompanied by many walkers, some with dogs, joggers, bicyclists, and golfers enjoying the course! In addition, I saw water skiiers, fishermen, and kayakers on the lake! While these may be typical sights…they certainly are atypical for New Year’s Eve! How incredible is that!!
On this morning’s trip, I found myself reflecting upon my experiences and accomplishments in 2011. What a great year it was! I arranged Lake of the Woods’ well-deserved recognition in the Washington Post (which took at least 5 months from contact to print); I had a fabulous year finding the perfect home or perfect buyer for my clients as a REALTOR; I wrote articles on distressed property sales; I rescued a permanently injured swan from sure death and found a new home for her in Chicago (thus adding swan-REALTOR to my title); I rescued a cat stuck in a kitchen cabinet of a vacant home for 3 weeks; I was honored to loan the eagle collection my husband and I own to the Locust Grove Elementary school; I launched my website and had my logo created; I won my office’s “Shining Star Award;” I made many new, incredible friends; I became deeply involved in the Lake of the Woods Association, serving on the External Affairs and Communications Committees; I received the go-ahead for my own column in Lake Currents, my community newspaper; I was chosen as a participant in the Association Leadership Development Program at FAAR (Fredericksburg Area Association of REALTORS) and also serve on the Education and Member Outreach Committees at FAAR. While I am proud of all of these accomplishments, I absolutely recognize that they would not have been possible without the support of my community and so many people, especially my husband, John. I am so very thankful. But there’s more…
When I reflected more deeply, I realized that my catalyst is my love of, and passion for, the people of Lake of the Woods and the true community it is. This community has provided me the opportunity to commune with nature in a way I never thought possible, become involved, and truly make a difference. I am PROUD to live here. This is what enables me to get up in the morning with a smile on my face each and every day…even before 5am! I’m sharing my accomplishments not to boast, but to express that we all can rise to new heights by becoming involved and feeling good about what we do and who we are!
What inspires you? Ignite your passion inside the gates! Our community offers so much-get involved; take advantage of the fabulous amenities; join a club, group, organization or committee…or start your own; promote Lake of the Woods both internally and externally. Together we can make LOW even better!
My 2012 goal is simply to top 2011! I love the direction my life is taking. I love my involvement in Lake of the Woods. I love sharing my passion as a REALTOR. I love being HIGH on LOW!
Until next time…It’s another beautiful day at the lake!

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