Honoring Our LOWA Volunteers

by Pat Licata-REALTOR & President, Civic Club

appreciation imageThe LOWA Board of Directors will join the LOW Civic Club in honoring the more than 200 members who serve on Lake of the Woods committees. A reception recognizing our committee members will be held at the Clubhouse, Wednesday, August 10, from 5-6 PM. All Lake of the Woods residents are cordially invited to show their appreciation to our neighbors who spend a substantial amount of time and effort making Lake of the Woods such a great place to live.
Volunteers serve on 21 separate committees, which all meet at least once per month. Most committees are comprised of seven voting members, plus alternates and advisors. The committees serve as advisors to the Board of Directors. Since committees reconstitute next month, this is the perfect opportunity for the community to say “thank you” to those people who have represented us so well during the past year.
“Be Concerned, Be Informed, Be Involved” is the motto of the LOW Civic Club, which hosts monthly speakers and provides an open forum where homeowners can learn about issues that affect their lives, interests, and investment in the LOW community. We hope to see you on Wednesday, August 10!
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It’s another beautiful day at the lake!
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