Low Inventory & More Buyers, What Does This Mean for You?

According to Zillow data the houses in the United States listed in early May tend to sell 18.5 days faster than the average listing and for nearly 1% more of the average price!
There is still low inventory of houses on the market across the country, which has influenced the prediction of the May trend. Before, homes listed between mid-March and mid-April sold quicker and for the highest price.
Another influence is weather. Here on the east coast when the colder weather sets in, houses tend to sit on the market longer. With warm weather right around the corner, Zillow’s predictions for the Washington, DC market (which is the market closest to us in Locust Grove/Fredericksburg, VA) the ideal time to list your home is April 16 – April 30th and it will have a faster than average closing time of 18 days.
Inventory is low – let us help you sell your home today!
We may already have a buyer ready for you!
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