Staging Integrated with Agent Based Technology by Dan Seiler

Staging Integrated with Agent Based Technology 

By: Dan Seiler

Friends, clients and relatives have grown weary of my sermons about staging a home before listing. The logical question that comes to mind from just about everyone is, why I should expend time, energy and frequently money, before listing my home. The answer lies in the Keller Williams Capital properties philosophy of agents driving technology by our own data. In this case the data is actually enhanced by visual media. That visual media is takes the form of digital pictures, video, 3-D pictures or even Facebook live.

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Statically over 88% of buyers look for home online. That means that it is imperative for us to recognize the significance of visual presence and the impact it has on potential buyers and their agents. In short, we have to move a potential buyer from in front of the computer screen to in front of the house. Therefore, the online first impression must be very strong.  
 First impressions are made through data are presented in multiple listing services (MRIS) or through social media platforms. Daily social media platforms are growing in their importance. The point is the source data; such as pictures, tax information and special information has to be quickly presentable and concise. 
A 2017 National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey sites several interesting results. Some 50% of selling agents
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claimed staged homes resulted in sales prices increasing from 1%-10%. Selling realtors, at a 62% rate, claimed staged homes has a reduced the number of days on market for active listing. That translates into further reduction of home sale carrying cost such as paying mortgage insurance and taxes, while the possibility of increasing the sales price.                                                                
The same NAR Survey sited noteworthy results from surveyed Buyer agents. Some 77% of agents felt that a staged home made it easier for clients to visualize the home as their own. 96% of surveyed agents indicated that there was some or a partial effect on buyers. That’s a pretty powerful indicator. 
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Clearly the case why you would stage has been made. But where to stage is illuminating as well. Studies indicate that in order of importance, from surveyed agents, suggest staging the living room was found to be the most important (55% ) followed by staging the master bedroom (51%) and staging the kitchen (41%). Interestingly, the next most important factor was lawn and garden (30%).   
Getting Started -The why and where to stage being answered, leaves the “How to stage” as the remaining issue. Keeping the concept of helping potential buyers visualize themselves in your space, let’s tackle this subject.  
Statistics tell us the seller pays for staging about 25% of the time. Tyler Zey’s “Dirt Cheap Staging” blog gives the home owner some very reasonable ideas to get the job done. We’ve posted it to the Licata Group Facebook page ( .
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The Licata Group can offer you staging consultation and assistance but let’s focus on some simple ideas. 

  • Pack away personal pictures and memorabilia. Remember we want buyers to picture themselves in your home as opposed to looking to see if they know anybody in the pictures.  
  • Transition Themed based bedrooms into bedrooms.                                                      
  • Chances high that are not everybody loves the local sports team. Take down the posters and pack away the footballs, please. 
  • Sort out your closets. Pack away what you’re not using to give the impression that there is plenty of storage space. 
  • Clean out closets – time to go to Goodwill. Create the idea of storage 
  • Clean out the Foyer – Make clear the entry. Put the racks and unnecessary items away. Open up the space to make it the welcome way to the house. Painting the hallway’s a good idea. 
  • Information about schools, local restaurants and walkability can been strategically placed for easy viewing. 
  • Kitchens- clean, clean and clean. Remove items from counter tops, window sills and walls. Of course, a kitchen remodel brings the greatest investment return but sometimes it’s out of reach financially. 
  • Remove furniture and create space and flow. Try to reduce furniture and possessions by at least 30% – Use a POD storage container to hold excess furniture. 
  • Use neutral colors on the walls, but bring color to your property with furniture and decorations. You don’t want the property to be too loud or too weak. Paint, paint and paint. (Don’t mix flat with semi-gloss textured paint.) 
  • Ensure the window treatments and curtains open and close properly 
  • Set the dining room with place settings. This hint helps buyers imagine themselves in the home. 
  • Clean the carpet. Professionally if at all possible. (Stain and pet order removal at a minimum.) 
  • Replace burned out light bulbs with same like and kind and bulbs. Clean and repair light fixtures. 
  • Remove items from kitchen counter tops. Store toasters, microwaves and mixers. 
  • Clean out the drains and sinks. Grind a lemon in the disposal to mitigate odors. 

Let’s review quickly. Houses that are staged generally sell quicker and return a higher dollar value. All staging is not expensive. There are some very affordable solutions. The Licata Group has more a detailed guides available to you. Just email me at for more information. 
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