Oh Dear! The Deer Are Here!

By: Jazmine Rubi

No matter where you live – the deer are here!
Watch out when you’re driving home on Route 3 to Locust Grove or Lake of the Woods. Be especially careful at dawn and night on the back roads (particularly on the super winding ones) where they can jump out at any given moment. Drive slower and use your high beams and honk your horn to scare them.  I’ve heard there are ‘deer whistles’ but many have doubts of their reliability. If it appears your car is going to make impact with the deer – you should avoid swerving, as more accidents occur this way. You never know what can happen, so of course always wear your seat belt!
If you thought, you have seen an increase in deer recently – you are not going winter-crazy! It is mating season, so you will see more deer along the normal tree-lined Route 3 to the Locust Grove area, even on the way to Culpeper. Be cautious and alert!
There are more animals to look out for then deer! Sadly, this month I have seen so many other small creatures alongside the road that have crossed the rainbow bridge. On my way to work this morning, coming from Courthouse Road in Spotsylvania to Locust Grove, I counted no less than 5 small animals on the side of the road whose lives were taken too soon due to high activity on the roadway. It may be difficult to avoid hitting a critter while driving, especially when it’s only a 2-lane road, you can try to prevent impact by being aware of your surroundings before they come out on the road. Although you may want to swerve to avoid hitting them, if it’s too late – it’s better for your safety and the safety of others on the road to keep moving forward.
Drive slower on less lit roads, especially winding back roads. Use your high-beams and your horns! Stay safe and remember there’s more than just you on the road (or the woods) parallel to the roads.
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