Christmas Trees Real or Fake? What's your preference?

When it comes to Christmas trees, there’s no doubt there are many different family traditions that are passed from generation to generation. There are some families that continue those traditions and some that decide to go the more modern route. There are many options when it comes to picking the family or household Christmas tree. Do you buy a fake tree that can be used year after year and potentially save you money in the long run? Or do you insist on buying a real tree, even going as far as cutting it down yourself? Or do you pass on Christmas tree purchasing and decoration completely?
There are many pros and cons to all sides and in the end, it comes down to personal preference. No one can tell you what kind of tree to buy. It’s part of the Christmas spirit – doing what makes you and your family happy. If your family has a tradition of packing up the car with all the kids, going to the local Christmas tree farm, Bees and Trees and Christmas Tree Farms, to name a few that are here locally, and letting the kids pick out their favorite one, then why change it? It’s a family event – one that is sure to have a positive influence on everyone involved. From the drive to the farm, to chopping it down and loading it on top of the car, seeing the smiles on your children’s and spouse’s face from the excitement, nothing else can bring that type of feeling. And nothing smells more like Christmas than that real pine, spruce or fir tree filling your home. The only downfall is because it is alive, you must take care of it as such! Real trees require water and checking to make sure they are well hydrated. Nothing can ruin Christmas quicker than a tree catching fire and potentially burning down the gifts you worked hard to purchase or much worse, your home. So please remember that while having a beautiful live tree is wonderful, it is a responsibility and should be cared for accordingly.
Some families enjoy the joy of simply decorating their home and tree together. So, driving out in the cold and going to the farm to chop down a tree doesn’t excite them very much. Instead, they’d rather buy their green or white Christmas tree from the store and come together as one to decorate it with cheerful holiday music playing. This takes away from having to drive to the farm each year; opting in for pulling it out of storage instead, a much closer and shorter trip. The tree is right in the home (or storage) until its usage is required. Having a fake tree certainly doesn’t take away from the fun of decorating and spending quality time together! It can even save you the money and hassle of cleaning up the fallen pines or having to remember to water it. 
christmas tree catNow, for the new “Modern” trees. Particularly for those who own cats, I have heard there are people who hang their tree upside down from the ceiling to prevent their furry friends from climbing on them (like the cat pictured here). I’ve also seen some photos of Christmas trees that stand higher off the ground to try to prevent their cats from jumping on them, although not sure how well that will work as I’ve witnessed cats jump high! Do you have something special you do to keep your fur-friends from messing with your trees?
Whatever you do, do it with love and compassion! Whether it’s chopping down the tree from the Earth itself or going to the store to purchase a fake one, it’s all about the Christmas spirit. Even if it’s having to buy a modern or makeshift tree to accompany those furry companions. Have a wonderful and happy Christmas this year!
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