Autozone is now open in Locust Grove, Virginia

Autozone is now open in front of the Dollar General by Lake of the Woods, in Locust Grove, Virginia.

How will this impact our community? Although, this is a sure sign that Locust Grove is growing, do we need and want corporate businesses taking over our tight-knit community? We already have a Walmart in front of the Somerset community…What more will this bring to our town? What’s next to come?

Don’t get me wrong Autozone will be great and convenient, but I’m torn between enjoying the new, quickly accessible locations (no more driving to Fredericksburg or Culpeper) and continuing to support the local businesses. To be fair, we do not have a local auto parts store, although we do have many small automotive shops in the Locust Grove stretch that can usually order a part, if necessary.

Many of us had been looking forward to a delicious new restaurant! I’ve overheard many talks about how splendid it would be if we had a Chik-fil-A right here in our neighborhood, or how about a Ruby Tuesday’s or Applebee’s to give some more options? I know we have Tokyo, El Vaquero and Clearwater, to name a few, but this could bring some more variety to a very repetitive location. While I am a huge supporter of local businesses, sometimes it’s nice to have something known and common; that being said – I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to a new, larger-sized family run restaurant, especially a well-run steakhouse!

All this being said, more businesses coming to the area, especially commercial, is sure to bring more homes and people to the area too. More businesses also equal more jobs for the current and future residents of Orange County. Are we the next Fredericksburg, Virginia? Many people that live here, especially in the Lake of the Woods community have settled here to get away from the everyday hustle-and-bustle of the city life. Many have second homes here in the lake that may currently live and work in the big cities (most notably, Washington D.C, Arlington and Fairfax) and they enjoy the peace of the country lifestyle on weekends or vacations. This is their escape. I suppose if the Locust Grove area continues to expand with new businesses and homes, some people and their families will begin to move further out into the rural areas that are Rhoadesville, Unionville and Orange, just to name a few.

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