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Top Things to Do In Orange County, Virginia

A meadow with a fence along a trail, representing things to do in Orange County Virginia.
Things to do in Orange County Virginia

Are you considering a visit to Orange County, Virginia? This is truly one of the most wonderful areas you can visit in this part of the country. If you need an activity-filled vacation, but don’t want to leave the US, visiting this county is truly one of the finest decisions you can make. And for those who don’t know exactly what to do around here, don’t worry – we’ve got some suggestions for things to do in Orange County Virginia! 

Staying in period cottages.

Before you start looking for things to do in Orange County Virginia, there’s one very important thing you need to ask yourself. Primarily – why are you coming here in the first place? If you’re looking to relocate here permanently, you’ll definitely have a lot to do before enjoying all the local amenities. You’ll have to find assistance for your move in Virginia, buy packing materials, and ship all of your stuff there. But if you’re just looking for a simple vacation, then the place where you’ll stay is important as well.  

A rustic cottage in the countryside.

Orange County Virginia offers plenty of period cottages to stay in!

That’s why we recommend spending some time to think where you’ll stay in Orange County Virginia. If you truly want to feel the rustic spirit of the country, staying in one of the numerous available period cottages is a fine idea. For example, the Boxwood Villa is found on the outskirts of the town. And this is truly an ancient home, dating all the way back to 1850, but recently renovated to receive guests. Seeing as its structure was in fine shape, all it needed was some touching up. These days, it’s one of the best cottages in the area. 

Try the local brews and wines 

Naturally, when people visit a new part of the country, everyone looks for different things. Some like visiting historical sites, while others like scenic tours of the area. And while all of that is well and good, there are other region-specific things to try out. With that in mind – trying the local alcohol is one of the most fun things to do in Orange County Virginia. As you make your journey around the town and the surrounding area, you’ll find that it offers plenty of interesting breweries and wineries.  

Beer bottles next to a pile of caps on a shelf, representing craft beer.

There are many great small breweries around here!

Interesting breweries 

For example, you’ve got the intriguing Red, White Bleu and Brew brewery. If you’re a fan of both exquisite beer and historical sites, this is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss. So, what makes it one of the things to do in Orange County Virginia? Well, for one – it’s three quarters of a century old, which makes for a lot of combined experience. They focus on products related to Virginia, but they’ve got some international offerings as well. With that in mind, know that you’ve got a beer selection here that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the region. As you explore the area, this is one of the best places to stop and rest with a nice cold one! 

Historical sights 

As we’ve already mentioned, this is definitely a historic area, with lots to offer to people who like to have a sense of the past on their vacations. So, bearing this in mind – are there things to do in Orange County Virginia that are fun for the fans of history? Well, absolutely! Trust us, by the time you’re done exploring Orange County Virginia, you’ll want to buy a cabin home here. But before you do – here are some suggestions on historical sites! 

Christ Episcopal Church 

Even if you’re not particularly religious, there’s no reason not to appreciate the historical architecture of the local churches. And if you are, this is a double pleasure for you! For example, you can visit the majestic Christ Episcopal Church here. Its ecclesiastical structure makes it a classic Gothic-style church, but not a particularly sprawling one. Nonetheless, the locals have maintained it extremely well, which makes it a worthy sight to see.  

Barboursville Ruins 

But are there other historical things to do in Orange County Virginia? Naturally! Why not visit the ruins of Governor Barbour’s mansion? These days, this is just a historical landmark, as a fire wrecked a lot of it back in 1884. Regardless, it’s still an interesting place. Thomas Jefferson actually designed it himself, and he wanted it to be the grandest home in all of Orange County. The inside boasted a majestic octagonal parlor, while the facade is Flemish brickwork. The eponymous Barbour was the first governor of Virginia at the start of the 19th century. And his mansion was the center of a great agricultural estate, so it’s definitely one of the most memorable historical sites in the region. 

James Madison’s Montpelier 

While you’re visiting the homes of important historical figures, why not catch a glance at the private life of James Madison? The man obviously needs no introduction, being the father of the Constitution, as well as the primary creator of the Bill of Rights. Interestingly enough, his wife, Dolly Madison, was actually the first wife of a president to be named ‘First Lady’.  

Bronze statues of James Madison and his wife on their estate.

Explore the life of James Madison and his wife!

And the two of them lived on an estate nearby. So, why not go on a historical tour of the lives of the Madisons – who were one of the most important couples in the country’s history? Their private life is intertwined with the rise of democracy in America, as you’ll see while you visit their home. Naturally, you’ll also see a sharp contrast with their political efforts, as their plantations were operated by slaves. 

Once you arrive, you’ll see that you can do plenty of things around here and see a lot of intriguing historical facts. The locals have preserved the Madisons’ beautiful gardens, a local forest, and a lot of walking trails for tourists. All of these are open to the public all year long, so missing out on any of this would definitely be a mistake! 

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