Why buying a Vacation Home in Virginia is a Great Investment

Thinking about investing in property, or how nice it would be to vacation at your own lake house instead of renting one? Recently, the economy has led to an increase in second-home purchases, nationwide. Especially in the state of Virginia. When buying a vacation home in Virginia, you’re making one of the few investments that offer both financial and personal rewards. The best thing when purchasing a vacation home is that you don’t have to be rich to pull it off. This investment allows you to diversify your income, plan for retirement, take a vacation without extra costs, and maybe even build wealth. You need to set your goals before buying a second home. Weigh out the pros and cons, and once you’re clear on why you want to buy it, you can focus your search and match it with your priorities.

Advantages of buying a vacation home in Virginia

No matter which part of society you belong to, whether you are a retiree who is seeking to escape city life or a lake lover who wants to live in Lake of the Woods, you have the option of buying a home. Whether you’re looking to buy a property as a vacation home for summers or winters or just looking for an investment property to rent out, there are homes that can meet a wide range of budgets.

Long-term profits

Today, people are starting to value short term over long term profit, because earnings are more significant when repeated many times over a short period. Luckily for you, vacation properties have retained their value because they are located in areas which are still popular. Because the mountains and shorelines are limited, there is a finite number of houses which can be built. That holds the price when it comes to vacation properties.  

Real estate has always had its ups and downs, and will likely continue to have them in the future. Therefore, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your second home will sell for a higher price in the future.

Pile of fifty euro Banknotes

Vacation properties have retained their value, so renting it is a good choice


When buying a vacation home in Virginia, think about tax deductions and how you want to use your property. Will that be a home for rent, or will it only be for personal enjoyment? Many people prefer not to rent their second home because if they did, the interest on the mortgage and the property taxes would be fully deductible from the gross income. This mortgage can be treated the same way you are treating the mortgage on your primary residence.


A great thing about buying a vacation home in Virginia is that you can decide to rent it out. You can always use it yourself. Whether you are renting it or just personally using the property, you are going to have to invest in it. Furnishing a house requests a certain amount of money, but renting afterward can help you return at least a part of it. You have the option to move things from your family home to a vacation home, this way you can redesign your home. Moving your household with professional help is your best option for a stress-free move. Once you have furnished your vacation home, you can start renting it out.

Rental fees differ from season to season. Another important factor is the popularity of the resort location. For most resorts, weekly rental fees are equal to or greater than the monthly mortgage payment.


Buying a vacation home in Virginia can be really convenient. You have the option to keep the items that you exclusively use there in your vacation home, which simplifies travel and packing. If you and your family like to ski, you can store some of your winter clothes and ski equipment in your vacation home. This allows you to easily make spontaneous trips for a weekend of skiing without having to worry about packing.


The goal most retirees strive for is to have a place of retreat for the times of the year they dislike spending in the primary residence. Buying a vacation home in Virginia is a great investment for those people. You would be one of the lucky ones if you buy a second home before retirement. You then have the time to experience the benefits of a refuge. If it turns out that wasn’t your dream, you also have time to correct the mistake and maybe sell it.

Gathering location

Memories are the one thing no one can take away from us, and places stir memories in people. Both big and small families enjoy annual gatherings. Building a tradition keeps families strong and in some way obligates them to see each other, even for one day. Buying a vacation home in Virginia will not only be an investment for your future, but also an investment for the beautiful memories you’ve created in the past. The annual gatherings keep families close, especially if people are all over the country.

People stand under an awning

You can’t put a price on the memories – especially a home that has been a site of many happy gatherings.

Some people struggle whether to buy a vacation home or not, even when the finances are acceptable. Some of the questions they encounter are:

·      Do I want to vacation in the same place every year?

·      Will this make me happy?

·      Can I handle renting the property to a stranger?

·      Will I come as often as I hope?

·      Will my kids and grandkids use this property once I am gone?

Question mark illustration

Some people struggle to decide whether to buy a vacation home or not

Buying a vacation home in Virginia is a long-term commitment. You need to be prepared if your dreams don’t come true because you could be stuck with high costs and responsibilities for years. For many buyers, dreams do come true, and the payoff is well worth it. Sometimes, you have to risk money to make money.

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