6 Tips For Settling Down in a New City

6 Tips For Settling Down in a New City

After connecting with The Licata Group, outlining a reasonable house hunting budget, and going to countless open houses, you have finally found the perfect property for your family. Now, it’s time to pack up, hit the road, and start making yourselves at home in your new city! Here’s how unpack strategically, keep your family safe and secure, and begin exploring your city.

Set Up Utilities

Before you move in, you need to set up basic utilities like electricity, gas, and water at the first available opportunity. In your new city, you may notice a difference in water taste or quality. If you’re concerned about contaminants in your tap water, you can conduct a local water quality search. Should you find that you’ve moved to an area with poor water quality, you may want to install a simple water filtration system. Just keep a few extra filters on hand so that your family always has access to clean drinking water!

Unpack Immediately

Don’t delay the unpacking process! You don’t want to leave your belongings in moving boxes for weeks on end. Plus, your kids will feel anxious without their belongings, and you’ll want to furnish their bedrooms quickly so that they can relax and decompress. Consumer Affairs recommends unpacking and arranging furniture and other large items first, and then organizing smaller essential belongings. 

Don’t Forget Security

After moving in, you may want to set up a home security system to keep your family safe. Electronic House recommends paying for a professional, 24/7 monitoring service to make sure that your family is always protected

Don’t forget about cybersecurity, too! You need to be proactive to keep your family safe online. Since you’ll be updating your address, consider how you can prevent your family from dealing with identity theft. Once your kids have unpacked their devices, give them a brief talk about online safety just to make sure that everyone in your household is up to speed. This may be a good time to change the passwords on your accounts, just in case.

Interior Design

How can you make your new house really feel like a home? Create an environment that truly suits your family’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences with smart interior design choices! Ask your kids for their input, too, especially when it’s time to decorate and paint their bedrooms. When you’ve personalized each room, you’ll truly begin to feel like you’ve come home. You can also check out local antique shops and thrift stores to pick up unique items. 

Locate Essential Services

You’ve left behind your family doctor, your dentist, your bank, and your favorite coffee shops – now, it’s time to find replacements in your new city! Search for healthcare providers who are taking new patients, and locate your nearest urgent care center while you’re at it. Find the closest branch for your bank, or switch to a new credit union in your area. And check out a cute coffee shop where you can see your family becoming regulars!

Start Exploring

You’ve unpacked, you’ve decorated, you’ve secured your property and contacted your utility companies. Now, it’s time to experience everything your city has to offer! Feel free to reach out to your real estate agent and ask for suggestions for local attractions, or you can put some handy apps to work. 

Your kids are probably antsy after going through the whole moving process, and chances are, you’re ready to have some fun in your new city. Head to a local park, check out a downtown museum, pay a visit to a zoo or botanical gardens, and get outside of your comfort zone! You never know what gems you might find in your new location.

Moving as a family can be quite challenging, and during the weeks leading up to your move, you may feel overwhelmed and stressed out. But preparing for your next steps will help you feel like you’re in control. By following these tips, you’ll be able to make this transitory time go smoothly for your family. 

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