The Lake is Awake!

The Lake is Awake!

The sounds, sights, and smells are undeniable: the lake is awake! With spring comes increased activity, and my excitement also increases as I uncover more evidence of my favorite outdoor time of the year at the lake. Although I am fortunate enough to enjoy Lake of the Woods all year, I receive droves of visitors in the spring and summer, so I share my beautiful community with family and friends most during these seasons.

Familiar sounds include the woodpecker pecking on its favorite tree, the many varieties of birds chirping, the geese honking one of their 13 calls, the owls hooting, the flapping of the swan’s immense wings in flight as they land on the lake in my cove, the quacking of the ducks, the laughter of the children as they play in the water or fish, the engines of the jetskiis and boats, the cries of the hawks, and the chatter of my cats as they watch the squirrels and birds through the screened door. What’s missing? The sounds of the frogs!

The sights are welcomed, as well: longer lines of additional cars coming through the gates, the turtles sunning themselves on the rocks at Turtle Island, the majestic blue heron’s dusk flight to its home in the tree across the cove, the swans doing the love dance or sitting on nests, the geese cruising with their quickly-growing goslings, migratory waterfowl choosing our lake as a resting spot on their way to their breeding ground, bunnies seemingly hiding in the grass, my resident chipmunk running from my front yard to the back patio to hide in the hose of the leaf blower (and I do have visions of him being catapulted out like a cannon if my husband doesn’t confirm its whereabouts prior to starting the engine), my resident squirrels playing in the yard and in the trees, flowers and trees in bloom, fresh mulch adorning residents’ landscaping, the acrobatic flight of the purple martins, people walking, running, biking, kayaking, sailing, fishing, golfing, and dining on the deck of the clubhouse.

The smells are also a sure sign: freshly laid mulch, freshly cut grass, the fragrance of the flowers, and meals being cooked on the grill.

To me, Lake of the Woods represents a community that offers amazingly varied activities for those of all ages, fantastic amenities, and the most incredible people with whom to share them both. By partaking in the community, I am enjoying wonderful experiences (while making fabulous memories in the process) simply by being a part of it. Won’t you join me in fully participating in, and appreciating, Lake of the Woods?

Until next time…It’s another beautiful day at the lake!

Pat Licata, REALTOR

Licata on the Lake

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