Falling for the Lake…Again!

As much as I look forward to, and love, the spring and summer activities at the Lake, fall truly is my favorite season. My first introduction to four distinct seasons was living in Denver, CO, as a young girl (prior to my cowgirl experience in Texas from which I still haven’t recovered). And I’ve appreciated being able to enjoy each season ever since.
For those who think the lake sleeps when summer gives way to the cooler temperatures, shorter days, and crisp air, think again! Fall at the lake affords us a plethora of activities: Schutzenfest, Oktoberfest or trick-or-treating at Clubhouse Point; horse shows at, and trail rides from, the Equestrian Center; $5 burger night; an art show; and so much more!
In addition to fall activities, I also look forward to, and love, the spectacular shout of color from the trees along the shores of the lake and throughout the community, as well as the mums, burning bushes, and other fall flowering plants. I enjoy seeing the pumpkins adorning walkways and the scent of fireplaces having been stoked to temper the new season’s chill. I love the sight of the mist on the lake from the cooler, fall air touching the warmer water. I gladly embrace football, curling up with a “must read” in front of the fireplace, actually sleeping under the covers, and the need for wearing sweaters.
I must admit, however, that I am less than enamored with the harsh smack of the acorns and hickory nuts hitting the roof of my house and my car…and my head. The reality is that no person (or animal) is safe in my yard! The missiles do not discriminate; they are equal-opportunity attackers! Yes, most of my fall visitors joke about the need to wear a helmet. My daughter’s dog runs for her life from the front door to the street, as she, like the rest of us, has been the victim of an unwarranted attack.
Driving through the community, I feel fortunate to live here. I take in the sights, no matter how ordinary. Whether it is watching the children excitedly load the buses or swerving on countless occasions to avoid the squirrels and chipmunks playing “chicken” with my car, I can’t help but smile. These simple experiences are such a large part of what makes this place feel like home, regardless of the season.
And because our community is so wonderfully wooded, fall, and the winter season sure to follow, delivers new surprises. I see these surprises as gifts. Even after 4 years, my eyes still catch new sights suddenly apparent once the trees have shaken their lush green leaves of summer. I am surprised at what I hadn’t noticed and eagerly anticipate the new “find” patiently awaiting my discovery-right here, right inside the gates of LOW.
Until next time…”It’s another beautiful day at the lake!”
Pat Licata REALTOR
Licata on the Lake

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