Political Sign Regulations in Lake of the Woods

by Pat Licata, REALTOR
With the elections upon us, it’s the appropriate time to talk politics! No, I don’t mean about which candidate you like…I mean the politics of placing signs in your Lake of the Woods yard! The official date you can place political signs in your yard is Tuesday, September 27. Remember, all signs must be removed by Wednesday, November 9. Please adhere to the following rule governing the usage of signs:
Regulation V.
3. Political Signs: Only one political sign per issue or candidate, no larger than 4 square feet may be displayed on any residential lot. Political signs may be displayed no earlier than six weeks prior to an election and must be removed the day after the election. Political signs on Association property are not allowed except for two exceptions. The first exception is on Election Day. The second exception is on the day of a political event at which the candidates will appear. For both of these exceptions the signs must be in an area designated by the General Manager.
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It’s another beautiful day at the lake!
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