What I've Learned from Our Community Clean Up

It was only one day (so far) – for almost an hour that our admin team went outside of the safe and warm Licata Group office we work in, to go around our building and clean up the trash build up we have seen. When you pull into the parking lot and see a grocery bag flying by, or an empty abandoned beer bottle left outside our business doors, it’s gross, ugly and so disappointing. All down our business walkway from the Vet’s office at the corner, to the Food Lion at the other end, there are numerous trash cans available in which to dispose trash . It appears some are too lazy to walk to one or simply don’t care. Don’t even go to the back of the office buildings! There is a small “pond” of some sort or maybe just a pool of water that fell and collected into a man-made hole, but all around and in it – garbage – everywhere!
It was almost a full hour of us 3 women collecting trash from the parking lots between our building and Burger King, slightly across the way. In that short-time frame, each of us had collected a FULL bag of trash. How sad. My biggest discovery was the unbelievable amount of grocery bags I had found! Grocery bags DO NOT decompose and many of the bags I found were UNUSED and had been almost buried into the ground. This was after all the rain and storms we had about a week ago, which leads to my next question. How many plastic bags are really buried out there that are killing the ecosystem and our environment? And this is only in our small Locust Grove shopping center – imagine other places!
Although we as a team are committed to this project and continue to go out there and clean up our local neighborhood area, it is something, and, of course, better than nothing – but it is not enough! We ALL must come together as a community and commit to opting out of using plastic bags for our groceries and instead purchase and use reusable bags (available at Food Lion and many retail shops), opting for an e-mailed receipt versus a printed receipt, and if you see trash-pick it up! We can all make a small difference in our lives to make a BIG difference in our environment and local community, if we work together.
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