Does Moving to a Bigger/Smaller Home Impact Your Pets?

The time has come… you’ve been searching for your dream home and you’ve found it! You’ve completed the grueling loan process and are ready to close and move in right away! It has the right amount of bedrooms and baths that you feel are perfect for beginning to start or continue to grow your family; have you stopped and considered one thought…”how will this affect my fur-friend?” That loving animal-companion that has been there through each of your apartments or room-sharing rental homes. There are many questions that you may want to start thinking about after the initial thought…
Will he/she have more territory to protect and feel overwhelmed? Will they be lonely by themselves if no-one is home anymore to give them attention they had grown accustomed to? Will they have a fenced in yard now to roam free, when they may not have before? 
Moving is a big deal and should be treated as such, even for non-humans! When you buy your first or even your second home, it’s because you plan on staying there for quite a while and want something secure and stable compared to moving apartments once a year due to increased rent or maybe some not-so-nice neighbors. Whatever the case may be – you want to feel safe – but your fur-friend does too! Pets can often get stressed with the ongoing commotion of packing up boxes and seeing regular household items “disappearing” from their normal places they belong. This new stress and change can cause fear – so be cautious – when opening doors while going in and out for the removing of completed packed items; chances are higher your pet(s) will take off to get out of the confusing situation.
In your new home, as much as we want to let them run around and check this new building and environment for them, experts say it’s better to introduce them to one room at a time, at a slow place. This allows them to adjust properly compared to feeling overwhelmed. Help your pet feel more secure by placing their food & water bowl, bed and toys in a place where they will more than likely remain. Animals really like stability and routine; so they are eagerly willing and ready to learn their new routine and begin their adjustments to the new environment in their new home with you!
Have you ever moved with a pet before? How did they react? Did they take it well or did they have a hard time? Have they fully adjusted now?
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