What to Look For When Searching For a Neighborhood in Orange County, VA?

Moving involves a couple of steps. The first one is making the decision and starting to look for a home. When you have a lot of options, it may be difficult to find the perfect spot for you and your family. Picking the right home is essential, but it’s not the only thing that will make your life nicer and happier. You need to find the right neighborhood, too. Choosing a neighborhood needs to be done carefully, so you pick one that suits your needs – depending on your lifestyle. So, if you are searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA, here are the things to look for.

Orange County VA basics

Orange County is a rural area which, though not so big, gives you the opportunity to enjoy amazing nature. With the population of around 33,000, it is a place of a diverse economy, proved to be very good for different industries and businesses. It’s located in the central part of Virginia’s Piedmont region, and its land is mostly made of hills, especially towards the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What to look for when searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA

Looking for the perfect neighborhood? Well, you’ll definitely find one in Orange County. The only problem is – which one suits your lifestyle the best? Here’s what you should consider before you start looking for a home.

If you have kids – look for good schools

Having kids changes your lifestyle and needs a lot. Therefore, when searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA, be sure to pick one that offers a nice school for your little ones.  Some of the best public schools in Orange County are:

  • Orange Elementary School
  • Locust Grove Elementary School
  • Unionville Elementary School
  • Orange County High school

However, this factor only counts if your kids are young and still need to go to school. You should think about the quality of their education and them traveling to school every day. Otherwise, there’s no need to pick a neighborhood according to the best school in the area.

 a man holding a toddler.
Figure 1 Moving with kids means you need to think about their future – as well as are searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA according to their needs

House prices

When searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA, finances play a great role as well. If you think of buying a home, be sure to browse Orange County house listings and see which place offers the homes you can afford. Find a neighborhood according to your finances so it will be easier to find a home there.

dollar bills
Figure 2 Unfortunately, finances are a significant factor when are searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA


Safety is one of the top reasons to choose or not to choose a neighborhood. Even though everyone wants to live in the safest area possible, sometimes finances don’t allow us to buy a home there. However, that shouldn’t worry you. Orange County, VA is a pretty safe place, but even so, you take a look at crime reports and consider them as a factor if you’re indecisive between two or three favorite neighborhoods. You can surely check the Orange County’s crime history online, so it makes the research even easier. Furthermore, be sure to visit the desired neighborhood and check it yourself. A safe and friendly e neighborhood is well-lit at night, with proper sidewalks and kids playing around.


If you rather enjoy an inactive way of life, you wouldn’t mind living in a community that doesn’t interact. However, if you like social events like parties, markets, concerts, etc. – you may want to do some research on the community you want to live in. You can probably research online – on official websites or Facebook pages, but the best way is to talk to the people you meet. Ask the locals about the community events and top things to do in Orange County – and at the same time check if they are friendly to live with.

row houses
Figure 3 Do you really want to live in a dull community?

Job market

If you already don’t have a job, researching the job market is a good idea. This can be an important factor when searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA. You can pick a home close to your job and significantly reduce the commute time. Always keep an eye on Orange County Job Opportunities, so you can find something you really like.


Being able to enjoy your neighborhood without constantly hopping into a bus or a train is a great factor when looking for a home. Be sure to find a neighborhood that gives you the opportunity to walk to work (if possible), favorite shops, restaurants, parks, etc. The best way to do it is by visiting the desired neighborhood. Of course, when moving across the states – that’s not always possible, but you can definitely research the area online using Google Maps.

Highway accessibility

If you need to travel often or commute to work, choosing a neighborhood that has easy access to highways is a must. Therefore, be sure to consider this as an important factor if your lifestyle requires frequent travels.


Many religious people want to live close to a church or synagogue. Therefore, it can be one of the important factors when searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA.

Be sure to move to Orange County safely

If you are moving from another state, you probably don’t know much about Orange County, or you are coming here for the first time. Therefore, when relocating be sure to do it safely and hire a professional to help you out. A reliable moving company like heartmoving.us can deal with your relocation so you can be sure that your items are in the safe hands. Moreover, a fast and efficient relocation is guaranteed. Just be sure to organize everything in advance and prepare yourself for the move. You can leave everything else to the professionals.

a couple getting a house key
Figure 4 With a reliable moving company – your relocation will be safe and easy!


There is no perfect neighborhood. When you are searching for a neighborhood in Orange County, VA, you should remember that you can’t find everything you want. That’s why you need to see what the main factors you want to cover are when choosing a neighborhood. Other small details could be probably changed – or you can get used to it. Don’t look for the perfect place, but for the place you can live happily in.

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