Fun things to do after moving to Orange County Virginia

We can freely say that moving to Orange County Virginia might have been the best decision you have ever made. Orange County has a unique charm. It can offer you a lot of outdoor and indoor activities. But also, it can offer you historical attractions, and festivals and sporting events that are happening year-round. There are so many fun things to do after moving to Orange County Virginia that it is challenging choosing what to do first. Depending on what you prefer and what is fun for you – you will be able to easily find activities for you and your family.

Create your list of fun things to do after moving to Orange County Virginia

We are all very different. Some of us like to go playing golf, while others enjoy music festivals. And the best thing about Orange County Virginia is the fact that it can offer you a lot of new and interesting things. And, if we are being honest – you will need to have some relaxing time after the relocation. Relocation is stressful no matter where you are moving. Especially relocation with a small child isn’t easy since a small child can’t quite understand everything that is happening. So, if you want to make sure that you and your family enjoy your new home from the beginning – create your list. You can even start before you actually relocate.

 You should create a list of fun things that you can try after you relocate to Orange County Virginia

If you like outdoor activities – Lake of the Woods Golf Course should be your choice!

The great thing about Orange County Virginia is that it can offer a couple of golf courses. And Lake of the Woods Golf Course is definitely one of the best. Even if you have never played golf before, we can assure you that this should be on your list of fun things to do after moving to Orange County Virginia. What makes it different is the fact that it is surrounded by the woods of oaks and pines. It is designed with a variety of slopes, sand, and water. It can accommodate players of any level, no matter how old they are.

There are different events throughout the year, and depending on when you move here – you can choose which one you like the most. Aerial view of the Lake of the Woods is amazing. Also, here you can organize parties and fundraisers – and we can assure you everyone will have fun!

Fun and exciting activity  – Rapidan River Kayak!

This is a place where you will create unforgettable memories for sure! Paddling down a scenic river, with an opportunity to see wildlife ranging from bald eagles, ducks to deer, beavers, turtles. Occasionally, you can even see black bears and otters! This can be a very exciting and amazing thing to do after you move to Orange County Virginia. Even if you have never before tried something like this – you don’t have to worry. With you, on this tour, there will be a professional kayak instructor. He will teach you some basic things, how to properly do a basic stroke and similar.

Rapidan River Kayak is an amazing and fun activity for you and your friends and family

The best thing about this is that you can go with your family or your friends. You can even reserve a kayak as a part of your wedding party, or as a team-building activity. Also, you can often see a bachelor or bachelorette party organized right here – this is a great way to relax and enjoy! So, in our humble opinion, even if you are not moving here permanently – you should consider buying a vacation home! We can assure you that you will enjoy your time here!

The Market at Grelen – unique experience in Orange County

One of the fun things to do after moving to Orange County Virginia is to visit the Market at Grelen! This is a rather unique European style garden shop that can offer you a lot! A huge variety of plants is rotating every week! Besides that, you will find some gardening goodies that can help you when you decide to renovate your home and garden. If we can sum up what you will experience here, it would be something like this: a casual farm-to-table cafe, a lot of hiking trails. And you will have a unique opportunity to try Virginia beer, cider and wine!

During winter months – this place is unfortunately closed. But, on the E. Main Street in Orange, you can find their store with a lot of different gifts for your family, pets or for some special occasions as a wedding. And, besides gifts, you will find Grelen ice cream and Virginia beer, cider and wine! We can assure you that you have not tried anything similar!

Sky diving is just one of the many fun things to do after moving to Orange County Virginia

If you like to feel that adrenalin rush or you simply want to try something completely different – sky diving is for you! Sky Dive Orange has been operating since 1977 so you can be sure that you are in good hands! No matter if you are experienced or this is your first time – there are instructors that can answer any of your questions. You can try tandem skydive or you can do it on your own – the choice is yours! For a good reason, this is one of the very interesting and very fun things to do in Orange County Virginia!

Sky diving is an exciting and fun thing to try!

Location of the Orange County Virginia is great and your advantage!

And, we left the best facts for the end. The distance between Orange County and some big cities is very small:

  • Washington DC is only 70 miles away
  • Charlottesville is only 20 miles away from Orange County
  • Richmond is 60 miles away
  • Fredericksburg is only 15 miles away

So, as you can see – Orange County has a rather good location, and you can easily reach some of the big cities. And, as you know – there are many different events happening. So you can be sure that you will find something fun and amazing and new almost every week. The next interesting thing is the 6th Annual Ice Yard Event in Washington that really should be on your calendar as one of the fun things to do after moving to Orange County Virginia.

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