Civic Club Speakers to Present “Living Easier with Less” on Wednesday, 2/12 at 7PM

Back by popular demand…On Wednesday, February 12, at 7:00pm in the Clubhouse Great Hall, two guest speakers will address the art of organizing and decluttering our homes and methods for removal of the items in order to accomplish an easier way of life. Even if one’s home is the perfect fit, there still may be items that can be “released” for simpler living. For many people, the stress comes from not knowing how to take the first step of thinking through what should stay or go, and for others it may be not knowing how to sell or where to donate items no longer needed or wanted.

Linda Clevenger, Professional Organizer and Owner of Organization Direct, will be our first speaker. Linda has been helping homeowners downsize, right-size, purge, and eliminate items from their homes for over 12 years. She helps clients walk through the process of making decisions regarding the need to keep items and how it will impact life both now and in the future. As the spouse of a disabled Veteran, she is passionate about helping other Veterans and those who struggle with the day to day task of living a clutter-free life.

Cathy France, owner of CopperStone Auctions and Estates, will provide options for the sale of items no longer wanted or needed. CopperStone’s offerings include estate sales from the home, consignment and auction services, and complete buyout of a home’s contents. And of course, the option always exists to donate items to organizations such as the LOW Lions.

There will be time allotted for questions, and we hope to see you there!

Thanks, Pat