Best Neighborhoods in Orange County VA for Young Couples

Orange County Virginia is a very nice place to live, judging by the opinion of a vast number of people. It has a lot to offer and yet it has succeeded in keeping a slow, stress-free, and peaceful lifestyle. If you and your significant other are looking for a place to settle down and make a future, we can help you choose among the best neighborhoods in Orange County VA for young couples. You will enjoy immensely and have an opportunity to do some fun things once your move to Orange County is complete.

What makes a neighborhood a good choice for young couples?

When choosing a place to live, young couples should follow certain criteria that will rule their final decision. Their needs and preferences are, understandably, significantly different from those of retirees, college students or graduates, for example. To be perceived as one of the best neighborhoods in Orange County VA for young couples, here are the features a neighborhood has to possess:

  • To be affordable. – Although there are, of course, young couples who can afford a considerably high standard of living, it is much more probable for them to prefer affordable neighborhoods where the costs of living are lower.
  • To have a strong job market. – Numerous job opportunities are an important factor for everybody, not only young couples. If they cannot find a job easily or earn an income they would like to, they opt for relocation and settling down in another city.
  • To be safe. – Safety is one of the most critical features you can expect from a neighborhood. Since young couples mostly consider starting a family in the near future, this is also yet another reason why safety is important.
  • To have a lot of amenities. – We all know very well that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, right? Hence, young couples like engaging in various activities once they find some free time after work. Luckily, Orange County VA has it all. Whether they are nature lovers, thrill-seekers, or even partygoers, they will find something to enjoy in this area.

Our choice of the best neighborhoods in Orange County VA for young couples

Once we have defined what young couples value most when choosing a place to live, we can suggest a few neighborhoods in this area they might like. Even organizing a long-distance relocation is the sacrifice worth making if you find exactly what you are looking for right here. You will soon realize that Orange County VA has the reputation of one of the most livable and pleasant places to live in the USA for a very good reason.

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is a perfect choice for everybody regardless of their age or marital status. Its home to two very beautiful lakes that give plenty of options for recreational activity, and make a nice alternative than driving to the beach. The unemployment rate here is low since there are numerous job opportunities. As safety is one of the key features to look for, we will stress that the gated community prides itself on keeping all the residents safe with the help of their own security that patrol the streets on a regular basis.

There are a lot of things to see and do here, enjoying the various amenities to spending time in nature. If you have a dog, Lake of the Woods should be your first choice, since the place is genuinely dog-friendly. Here you’ll find substantially sized dog park within the neighborhood that is properly secured for both you and your pet to enjoy.

Young couples who are looking for a place to settle down permanently and start a family soon should seriously consider Lake of the Woods. It is a community that’s centered around each other, as well as in a wonderful school district.

Lastly, there are no short supply of activities to keep you entertained, as community driven clubs and events are constantly occurring with new ones sprouting up on a regular basis. At Lake of the Woods, you’re sure to find a place that truly feels like a forever home.

The Town of Gordonsville

Gordonsville is a small charming town with a lot of small shops and cafes. Although it is usually preferred by those who decide to buy a home in Virginia after retirement,  the situation has recently started to change. A very low crime rate and a lot of outdoor amenities attract all those nature lovers and people who live a healthy lifestyle.

The unemployment rate here tends to be on the higher side when compared to the national average, but the vicinity of some bigger towns increases the number of job opportunities due to short commute time. Also, the cost of living is around the national average, so we can say that living in Gordonsville is a good option for young couples.

The Town of Orange

As you might assume, Orange is the seat of Orange County. It has scored an increase in population in recent years as more and more people, young couples included, are desperately trying to run away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas. The cost of living here is a bit on the pricey side. On the other hand, safety, numerous amenities, and excellent educational facilities are a big plus.

What young couples also like here are nice cafes and restaurants with a warm, friendly atmosphere. They can enjoy a night out, entertain themselves, and still avoid the turbulence of big cities.

Final words on the best neighborhoods in Orange County VA for young couples

Living in Orange County VA is appealing for a great number of people. The County offers all a person needs – to earn a substantial income, have a nice, spacious home, get a good education, and enjoy various leisure activities. While some neighborhoods are a better choice than othres, whatever neighborhood you choose, you will not make a mistake. They are very similar and each and one of them has a distinctive charm that young couples will like.

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