Practical Tips to Declutter Your Home (and Keep It That Way)

As more of us become aware of the fact that we might have too much stuff laying around, decluttering has gone from an occasional chore to a lifestyle trend. This is a positive shift, especially given the global problems caused by waste, but it can be difficult to know how to go about it. 

The facts are, a less cluttered house can reduce your stress and lead to a happier life according to clinical psychologist Jaime Zuckerman. Not only is it good for your mental health, it can also be good for your wallet as decluttering and taking care of cleaning and tidying projects can actually increase your home appraisal.

Some people call in “decluttering experts,” but the truth is that unless you have a hoarding situation on your hands, you don’t need this service. Courtesy of The Licata Group, here are some tips for how you can minimize and declutter on your own. 

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Pick a Decluttering Strategy

If you don’t know where to start with decluttering, there are many existing strategies you can use. These range from the now-famous KonMari method of sorting and decluttering possessions to the Minimalist Game, where you get rid of an increasing number of things based on the day of the month. Pick one that seems doable for you, and you may find the structure of a defined method helps you actually follow through.

Make Plans for Getting Rid of Stuff

What do you do with the bags of stuff you’ve decided to get rid of? Whether you’re going to the recycling center or a charity, know exactly when, where, and how you’ll tackle things. Alternatively, arrange a pick-up from an organization that offers that service. 

Additionally, if you have any large, bulky items you no longer need, consider hiring junk haulers to properly dispose of them. In addition to appliances, professional removal services will handle things like mattresses, carpeting, and furniture. What’s more, they’ll make sure these items end up where they belong, whether it’s a junkyard or a local recycling center.

Hack Your Storage Space

Some of us aren’t blessed with a lot of storage space, even post-declutter. Luckily, there are organization hacks to help you with every room in the house. Use under-bed space in the bedroom, invest in furniture and decor that doubles as storage (such as trunks and ottomans), and use narrow spaces (like the one between your fridge and cabinet) to install vertical storage. And if you want to spruce up those shelves and drawers, use removable wallpaper, which you can find in a number of modern looks. This is also a good solution since it’s easy to swap out designs whenever the mood strikes you.

Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

Now that your home is looking tidy and clutter-free, it’s time to keep it clean. Set a regular cleaning schedule — and then stick to it. For some, this could mean setting aside Sunday mornings for cleaning; for others, a weekly schedule with a couple of small daily tasks is easier. Just make sure it fits with your routine and you can actually picture yourself doing it. 

Control Your Buying

According to the Atlantic, Americans bought an average of 66 garments in 2017. Are spending habits like these part of why you had to declutter in the first place? If so, you need to re-evaluate this, or you will end up with a cluttered closet again in a matter of months. 

You don’t have to go full minimalist or swear to never buy anything again, but you can learn to buy less stuff. Buy good-quality items that last longer, remove temptations like email mailing lists and free delivery subscriptions, and buy only items that you have a planned, concrete use for. 

The act of decluttering itself can be fun and exhilarating. It feels great to see a home that feels cleaner, tidier, and more relaxing. Realistically, the hardest part is keeping things that way. The secret to effective decluttering is not to approach it as a one-time exercise, but as a gradual change in your consumer and home maintenance habits. Over time, you will start to value the long-term comfort and ease of a clutter-free home over the intense (but brief) rush of buying and acquiring new stuff.

Photo via Pexels.

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