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Why Moving from DC to Orange County, VA After Retirement is a Good Idea

Why moving from DC to Orange County, VA, after retirement is a good idea?

Are you planning to move out of Washington DC? If you are, we recommend you consider moving to Orange County, Virginia. If you are looking for an active area filled with beautiful landscapes, this is the place for you. Orange county is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful spots in the entire United States of America. The majority of Orange County inhabitants own their houses. It is home to many families, young professionals, and retirees. This area is excellent for retirees because it is very peaceful, yet it offers an abundance of fun activities, making it one of the most desired places to move to. This article will show you why moving from DC to Orange County, VA, after retirement is a good idea!

There is a lot to do in Orange County

The county is full of period cottages you can rent or buy. These cottages carry the rustic spirit of Orange County and its history. They date back to the 19th century but were renovated to accommodate the modern lifestyle requirements. Experts from Allstate Moving and Storage have had many clients who either rent or have bought these cottages. Living in them will give you a feeling that you moved back into the past, which can be great for history lovers! 

The area has numerous small breweries and wineries

Since the area has beautiful plains and hillsides, it is no surprise that it is rich in agricultural goods. Also, beer and wine lovers will have an opportunity to try to produce their favorite beverages. If you like experiencing new things, Orange County is the right place for you. There are plenty of breweries and wineries for you to explore. Moreover, many of them organize events and wine or beer tastings. This is just one of the many things to do in Orange County

Grapes and two wine glasses next to a small barrel
Orange County is full of terrific small wineries.

Orange County has beautiful historical sights

Orange County and its surroundings are great for history lovers. The area is scattered with lots of historical places and sights. If you like the historical sites in DC, you will love Orange County since it offers a different side of history to explore.

Barboursville Ruins

A great place to visit after you move to Orange County is the ruins of Governor Barbour’s mansion. In 1884, the house was wrecked by a big fire, so it’s just a historical site today. The estate is a great place to visit and get a feel of how the Governor lived back in the day. 

James Madison’s Montpelier

James Madison’s home is also in Orange County. The father of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights enjoyed the beautiful sights of this place. You can visit this fantastic estate and go on a guided tour of the property, which we highly recommend.

Outdoor activities

The area is filled with magical scenery and beautiful places to hike through and enjoy what nature gave us! There are many spots perfect for picnics. You can combine multiple activities and go for a hike through the Lake of the Woods, searching for the best place to have a picnic and enjoy some of the local wines. It’s a lovely place to live in, and it is excellent for retirement because of the variety of outdoor activities.

Senior man looking through binoculars, showing why moving from DC to Orange County, VA, after retirement is a good idea
There are plenty of different outdoor activities to do in Orange County.

Farmer’s Markets

If you like cooking, you will love farmer’s markets in Orange County. In the spring, you can forget about canned goods in your pantry and replace them with fresh ones. Since the area is rich with fields, most of the products you find on farmer’s markets are locally produced. Moreover, the products are as fresh as they can be. These markets are also a great place to meet new people that share your passion. You can exchange some recipes or ideas with them! If you arent into cooking, but you love gardening, you will think that you are in heaven when you visit the farmer’s markets. Many people sell a wide variety of different plants and beautiful flowers for you to enjoy. Gardening is a great hobby to take up when you move to Orange County.

Moving to Orange County VA after you retire

Orange County has a lot of very popular and high-quality places for retirees. It’s not only due to the slow pace of life but also nature and the fantastic weather. The county also offers excellent healthcare availability and affordability. The most desirable places for retirees are the ones that are near the amenities of big cities and with the best medical facilities. If you seek good value for your money, Orange County offers some of the most affordable property prices in the state, including the properties in senior communities. When moving as a retiree, you must get the assistance you can completely rely on and trust. The movers you hire will handle all of your belongings and take care of the complete process. This will make your move less stressful, and you will be able to enjoy Orange County right away!

Gazebo near a lake
Moving from DC to Orange County, VA, after retirement is an excellent idea if you like peaceful places!

In conclusion

The county is an amazing place to move to after retirement. With this many activities and incredible scenery, it is probably one of the best places to move to the USA. Orange County is ideal if you want to live in a small town with a country feel. Moreover, you can find multiple senior communities in Orange County. And if you are still unsure why moving from DC to Orange County, VA, after retirement is a good idea, come for a visit and see for yourself! 

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