Moving from Maryland to Virginia to Start a Family

First of all, congratulations. You have chosen a great state to start a family in. Virginia is a safe and wholesome state that has a lot to offer. It is a family-friendly state, as raising kids in it is easy. However, you have to get there first. Moving from Maryland to Virginia is considered an interstate relocation, and those kinds of relocations need to be well organized. So, make sure to stick with us to the end if you want to find out how you can move to Virginia with the least amount of trouble and start a family there!

There are a lot of things you can do in Virginia

Virginia is one of the most famous states in and outside the US. This means that it is an old state, with a lot of history and many things to do in it. 

One of the best spots in this well-known state is certainly Orange County. There are many things to do in Orange County, and it is no wonder why many families decide to start a new life here. As we already mentioned, Virginia is a safe state, with a plethora of opportunities for children and adults alike, as it offers excellent education and many job opportunities!

Make sure to plan your move and create a strategy

Planning is essential for every relocation. Moreover, no relocation is possible without proper organization, let alone an interstate move. This is why you need to take moving organization seriously and create a strategy of how and when you are going to move to Virginia.

A person planning a relocation
For everything in life, it is good to have a plan. Moving from Maryland to Virginia isn’t an exception

Find a good moving company

Moving organization starts with searching for a good moving company that can take you to Virginia. There are many movers on the scene, but you need to hire real professionals if you want to organize the process in a flash since interstate moves such as those from Maryland to Virginia can be very time and energy-consuming.

Make sure to compare different moving companies online, look at their reviews, and get in touch with as many moving companies as you can. You also need to remember that you need to book your move at least two months in advance.

Calculate the costs of the move

In the early phases, it is impossible to precisely calculate how much your move will cost you. However, you can get a rough estimate if you include all potential expenses. Good moving calculation always leaves some space in the budget for unexpected circumstances. This means that you have to leave a financial margin in your estimate if something goes wrong.

The main cost you’ll want to include in your calculations is the cost of hiring a moving company. Every respectable moving company has a moving calculator, which enables customers to roughly calculate the cost of the move. Keep in mind that online estimation doesn’t have to represent the price in the real world.

Also, you need to include the cost of moving insurance, the cost of renting a storage unit, hiring professional packers, etc.

Pack for the move or hire professionals

Most people choose to pack themselves for the move. Sure, that way you might save some money, but in return, you’re going to lose a lot of energy.

 Professional packers packing a window.
It might not be a bad idea to hire professional packers for your relocation.

However, if you choose to do so, here’s what you need to buy:

  • boxes, plastic bins, and similar containers
  • packing tape
  • a marker
  • some kind of protective material like packing peanuts
  • crates

You can get most of these materials at the nearest supermarket, and they are not that expensive. However, if you don’t want to lose time and energy on that or have special items you wish to move to Virginia, we recommend hiring professional packers trained to do that.

Renting a storage unit in Virginia is preferable

Many people forget the importance of storage units. Storage units are handy when moving to a new location since you can never exactly know how much space you’ll have for your stuff. In short, it always helps to have a place in which you can leave your things after the move.

A storage unit
Many people forget to rent storage after a relocation. This can cause a lot of trouble. Don’t let this happen to you when you’re moving from Maryland to Virginia!

But, if you want to take two pigeons with one bean, you might want to find a moving company, such as Helix Transfer & Storage, which can offer storage solutions as well.

Find good housing 

As we already mentionedOrange County in Virginia seems very attractive to families, especially ones with children.

One of the reasons behind that is the excellent state of the real estate market in the county. In Orange County, you can get a fantastic home for a reasonable amount of money and live in friendly suburban neighborhoods, perfect for anyone who wants to start a family in Virginia. 

Also, buying a home in Orange County is an excellent opportunity for some serious investment. It is predicted that the prices will continue going up, and many experts recommend that investors jump on the train and reap the benefits of coming to market early.

All in all, Virginia is a prosperous state with its own little renaissance at the moment, as it offers an excellent opportunity for families to develop and grow properly. This is why we think that Moving from Maryland to Virginia to start a family is a great choice.

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