All you need to know about the lifestyle in Orange County, VA

Living in a big city is fantastic. Such a lifestyle brings many benefits when it comes to job opportunities, social life, and entertainment. However, city life also brings high costs of living, limited housing options, and a lot of everyday stress caused by commute and other factors. Not to mention the financial burden, because it’s never enough no matter how much you earn. Being in the center of the happening has a high cost. And as we grow older, we realize that relocation to a healthier and more affordable location is a game-changer. Unlike fast city pace, the lifestyle in Orange County, VA, is a different story. Here, you can slow down, enjoy nature and the people around you without losing essential location amenities. If you’re considering turning your life for the better, here is all you need to know about life in this charming county.

County location amenities

When choosing your future home, it is essential to know what you are looking for in a place. For instance, the location is one of the most critical factors of relocation because it will often dictate the job opportunities and other amenities the town provides. Thus, living near industry hubs and city centers is relevant, especially for working people. That is why many professionals have chosen Orange County as their new home in the past few years. Surrounded by Washington D.C. to the north, Richmond to the south, and Charlottesville to the southeast, this county has some great opportunities in business and educational fields.

Yet, since it is a growing county, some work on providing more gainful employment for the youth could be useful. The primary industries lay in agriculture, manufacture, and commercial services. However, recently a tourist and investors influx has given a boost to the development of this charming community. Thus, we can expect many more entrepreneurs and startup industries to choose Orange County as their base.

Vineyard in Orange County, VA
Orange County is famous for its vineyards and wine tasting tours

Pace of life

Orange County community is surrounded by farms and rich agriculture, with plenty of wineries where residents can enjoy some of Virginia’s best vines. That, and being the birthplace of James Madison, the founder of the U.S. Constitution, attracts many tourists to these parts. The residents are proud of the rich history of the place, which is incorporated in every part of the town.

Taking a stroll in downtown Orange County, you can see the cutest local shops and venues. And you will be surprised by the culinary mastery of the local chiefs. You can be sure to have some of the best dining experiences visiting town restaurants. Still, unlike in big cities, you won’t have to wait for meal reservations or get annoyed by the crowd and noisy streets. The town is a haven of enjoyment and relaxation, perfect for a retiree and family life. But, according to Virginia’s moving experts at Po’s Moving & Storage, in the past two years, a lot of their clients have been young professionals working remotely. Affordable costs of living, and a healthy lifestyle in Orange County, lately make many city people re-consider their living conditions.

Leisure opportunities in the area

Even for lovers of outdoor recreation, the O.C. has a lot of fun opportunities. Golf lovers can enjoy some of the numerous courses, while Lake Anna, Lake Orange, and Angler’s Landing are known to be a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. For more active nature lovers, especially those in water sports, kayaking tours on the Rapidan waterways will provide an unforgettable experience. And if you’re into more extreme outdoor activities, you can skydive with the help of the local experts. However, wine tasting tours, farm visits, and historical and nature trails are available for those who fancy a slower pace.

Family on a kayaking tour, representing lifestyle in Orange County, VA
The lifestyle of Orange County can provide some of the best outdoor activities for people who are into water sports

What makes people move to Orange County, VA

Due to a slow life pace, the O.C. is a common moving destination for the retiree community. But also, it is popular with people who want to live a quality and peaceful life while growing their family. Unlike high-priced housing markets in Northern Virginia, this place provides more comfortable and bigger homes at affordable costs. Whether it comes to better housing options or the desire to switch to a more eco-friendly way of living, the number of new homeowners in Orange County is growing lately.

Nowadays, we connect to the World Wide Web and often disconnect from the people and the world around us. That could make it hard to meet new people after the move. The quality traits, where people are friendly and traditions matter, are getting harder to find every day. It is the close-knit communities where you can easily make new friends and have a fresh, healthy lifestyle that restore the true values.

Woman with a child in nature
Virginia is famous for its stunning nature and agricultural potential. Thus, many young families move when switching to an eco-friendly way of living

Local festivities

Even though a relatively small community, Orange County enjoys celebrating numerous year-round festivals and sporting events.  At Downtown Orange Street Festival, you get to challenge your senses with some of the best cuisines, music, art, and beverages. As a community awareness promotion, the festival draws over 5,000 visitors from all over Virginia, especially families with kids. However, that’s not all. People in Orange County love to celebrate and have a good time. Thus, they use it to throw many other festivities, such as Office Costume Contest, Liberty Ride, Fallapalooza, Town Scavenger Hunt, Sunflower Orange Festival, Restaurant Week, and other cultural, music, and social events. 

Montpelier horse race
The state-renowned event, the Montpelier horse, and Jack Russell terrier races are making people flock here every November


If you are tired of city hustle and financial burden and want to take a slower pace, the lifestyle in Orange County could be a perfect choice for you. Here, you don’t have to sacrifice visits to your favorite shops and city amenities. The town itself has some of the most charming shops and local businesses in Virginia. From numerous town festivals to exquisite outdoor recreational opportunities, there is something for everyone’s taste. Still, when the nostalgia hits, big cities such as Richmond, Washington DC, and Charlottesville are just a short ride away.

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