Moving to Lake of the Woods in 2022

Moving to Lake of the Woods in 2022

Lake of the woods might not be the best-known community at the moment. However, it is quickly gaining more recognition and popularity! And with a new year fast approaching, we can expect many more people to gradually be drawn to this hidden gem. If you are thinking about eventually relocating in 2022, you might be wondering what you can expect from it. What kind of welcome you would receive. What kind of amenities this community has to offer. Maybe even what nature’s bounty you will be able to enjoy as well as, of course, the essential preparations you need to make before your move. All of this is vital information for a potential new resident! To better help convey all of this, we have created a post about moving to Lake of the Woods in 2022!

Nature to enjoy

If there is one thing Lake of the Woods does not lack, it is beautiful nature! The community got its name after the lake, now known as the Main Lake. Interestingly enough, another lake was built later, becoming known as Keaton’s Lake. The lakes host a variety of beaches, marinas, and, most importantly, fish! The two lakes steal the show when it comes to an aerial tour of Lake of the Woods, but they are hardly the only draw. The variety of walking and hiking trails offer a splendid view of the forested areas found around the community. So, if living near the beach is not your thing, don’t worry! There are still other options for what you want your home to look out over, and they are just as visually stunning.

Sailing on Main Lake
Sailing on the Lake is a beautiful experience!

Amenities to look forward to

Lake of the Woods has its roots in starting off as a resort community. It was built with relaxation and comfort firmly in mind. And it shows! You will have nearly every amenity related to hobbies and fun activities at your fingertips. From different clubs, campgrounds, various parks, and golf courses, swimming pools, and other fun outdoor activities to cafes, book clubs, arts and crafts organizations, and similar to while away your time in. This isn’t to say you can’t expect practical amenities, though! For example, you can expect more amazing local movers to be added to the Best Long Distance Movers database covering the area! Efforts are being made to further enhance the comfort and convenience offered to the inhabitants of this wonderful community. Including more places to shop at, which is the one thing the community currently lacks. 

Locals to meet

The resident numbers for Lake of the Woods are not high. With under ten thousand residents, it is nowhere near the numbers you might be used to if you lived your whole life in the busy city streets. The small-towners, however, will recognize the atmosphere. Life here is relaxed and welcoming, and the locals reflect that! You will hardly find a more accepting and warm place to call home, and even buying a vacation home here would be an excellent investment. The residents are very much willing to help their new neighbors. So, you can expect to start your life here with plenty of tours and sightseeing trips led by your new friends. The population does tend to be a bit older since the tranquility of the community lends itself well to retirement. But, plenty of new, young families are starting to move in.

A parents and child reconnection while checking out the area because they are planning on moving to Lake of the Woods in 2022
Long walks are both healthy and an excellent chance to reconnect with your family!

Things to keep in mind for your move

Now, Lake of the Woods was planned and built primarily as a resort community. While you can still definitely look for movers for your long-distance move and even hire experts for the job in Virginia, you’ll need some foresight for when you’re there. Furniture’s one thing. You will want to secure all of the furniture you need for your new home beforehand. Otherwise, you’d need to organize transport for it all over again. For another thing, you’ll want to do most of your shopping for appliances and similar before your move too. Much for the same reason. Finally, while you’ll hardly go hungry from want of good food in the community, not with the cafes and restaurants it has to offer, you will still want to bring some of the more exotic ingredients with you if planning to cook on arrival without a lengthy ride to acquire them. 

Advantages of moving to Lake of the Woods for young families

As we have already mentioned, Lake of the Woods is starting to draw in more young families. And the reasons for this are obvious! Not only is the area very peaceful and beautiful to boot, drawing kids out of their houses easily, it is also supremely safe. Security is there to look out for you 24/7. Moreover, there are many rescue and assistance teams on standby near the lake in case of any swimming debacles. Schools, while few in the immediate vicinity of the community, are still present. Offering access to preschool, elementary and middle school without having to travel far away. Higher levels of education are still accessible with relative ease, though they would require some transit time. Finally, it is very easy to find cheap housing, as the monthly real estate statistics for Lake of the Woods show.

Final Considerations

As you can see from our post on moving to Lake of the Woods in 2022, this is a promising, growing community! It has continually evolved and changed to form what it is today. No longer is it a simple resort. Nor is it only attractive to those looking to peacefully retire. The vibrancy, beauty, and attractive amenities make this a perfect place for starting a family and seeing your kids flourish. So, if you like the picture we have painted with our post, we are happy to welcome you as part of our community!

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