A couple in one of the most romantic towns to live in Orange County, Virginia

The Most Romantic Towns to Live in Orange County, Virginia

Starting your life together as a young couple is highly exciting and romantic. Going house-hunting, choosing a place to live, and decorating your new home are all the steps to building your new life. One of the sweetest tasks here is selecting a location for your new home. Virginia attracts many new residents each year, so you won’t go wrong if you choose to call it home, too. Here are the most romantic towns to live in Orange County, Virginia. 

Top reasons for moving to Orange County, VA

For those who are still hesitant about their location choice, we’ve got some helpful info that might convince you to move to Virginia. Orange County is one of many counties in this state, but it’s undoubtedly one of the favorites among new residents. People move here for different reasons:

  • A family-friendly lifestyle is encouraged in Orange County, which is why many young couples decide to start their families here;
  • Nature – beautiful scenery ensures there’s always something to do, so people regularly engage in different outdoor activities;
  • Education – Virginia belongs to the top 10 most educated states. Education has a high priority here, so if you’re moving with kids, you can be sure they will have the opportunity to learn;
  • Four seasons – in Virginia, you can experience four distinct seasons and enjoy each of them to the fullest. Summers are hot and humid, and summer months are pretty busy with tourists. On the other hand, winters can be pretty cold and harsh, but they offer various winter activities.

If this was enough to convince you to move to Orange County, just make sure you do everything it takes to have the relocation that goes according to plan. Even when moving locally, a reliable moving team, safe packing, and on-time preparations are a must. 

A building in Virginia
Virginia has a lot to offer – explore your options carefully.

New home in Virginia – the most romantic towns to live in Orange County 

We’ve got some excellent news for young couples looking for a new home. There are several romantic towns you can choose from! 


Let’s start with the seat of Orange County, the place where most people start their search. Historical buildings surrounded by beautiful nature make this place one of the most romantic towns to live in Orange County. Orange is also one of the most popular places in the state, as its natural resources support various industries and create many job opportunities. 


This place is a perfect example of a romantic small town that’s most suitable for those looking for a place to raise a family. Most residents own their homes here, and you can enjoy an authentic suburban feel. The charming streets of Gordonsville make the town quite romantic – red-brick buildings with colorful details, many flowers, and old-style street lights are everywhere. You will enjoy taking a walk and visiting some of the galleries and quaint shops, finishing the night at one of the super romantic restaurants. Also, there are a couple of wineries nearby, which can be a perfect way to spend a romantic weekend. The place is popular among tourists, but many also decide to move here and call Gordonsville home. 

Lake of the Woods 

Located at the east of Orange County, Lake of the Woods is a census-designated place that has become quite popular in recent years. The fact that it’s located on the lake makes the place genuinely romantic. But, locals love it for its rural feel, safe and family-friendly environment, and excellent public schools. The population is just above 8,000, making it easy to make friends and feel at home. There’s so much to do here – golfing, beach activities, fishing, kayaking, etc. 

Sunset on a lake
Imagine living near a lake. Romantic sunsets could become your everyday reality. 

Moving to Orange County, VA

Once you choose a new home, you will need to start planning your move. Begin by creating a unique timeline. It will help you keep track of your progress and prevent you from forgetting or missing something. You’ll be more organized and therefore more successful.

Picking a suitable moving team is never easy. You will trust your household to strangers, so they need to be professional, reliable, and experienced. The pros at A2B Moving and Storage recommend hiring someone who already has a lot of experience with relocations in Virginia. Local pros usually have more affordable rates and know the fastest and safest ways to deliver your items.

It’s essential to take packing seriously. If you are organized, you’ll have a much faster and more efficient move. Firstly, remove all the things that are just eating up the space: all the clutter, unused items, broken and outdated pieces. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to pack and how many moving supplies you need.

Label your items according to the room they belong in. This is particularly important for those moving in to a big home. Write on each box what’s inside it and where it should go. Your movers will then put them in the fitting room, making the unpacking process easier for you.

Finally, pack the essentials separately. You probably won’t have the energy and time to unpack everything on your first night in your new home. Make sure you’ve got everything you need in one separate box—pack basic toiletries, sheets and pajamas, chargers, etc. 

A family of four holding hands in one of the most romantic towns to live in Orange County, Virginia
Building a family in one of the most romantic towns to live in Orange County is a dream come true for many people. 

Romance in Virginia 

Choosing one of the romantic towns to live in Orange County, Virginia, is an excellent idea. However, the romance and spark of your relationship don’t depend on it. Choose a place where you can start building new memories together and watch your new life unfold! 

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