A mother and father packing and moving with kids to Orange County, VA

Mistakes to Avoid When Moving with Kids to Orange County, VA

Relocation is never an easy task to complete, but things tend to get even more complicated and stressful if you are moving with kids to Orange County, VA. No matter your reasons for moving, it’s almost certain your kids will have difficulties accepting and adapting to this change. However, there are still ways to have a smooth and easy relocation. To help you, we’ve prepared the three most common mistakes most parents make when moving with kids. If you avoid them, we can assure you that your family move will be that much simpler and more bearable.

Survive moving with kids to Orange County VA

Moving is a very challenging transition for children, no matter their age. Whether you’re relocating for work or want to have a fresh start with your family in one of the loveliest parts of the US – Orange County, VA – you need to be mindful of your kids’ feelings and help them go through this process easily.

Mother with two kids sitting on a large bed and packing for a move
No matter how old your kids are, relocating is a massive change, and it can be quite stressful for them, so you have to help them adjust.

To help you have a smooth family move, we did our research and prepared the three most common mistakes parents make when moving long-distance with kids. By knowing which mistakes to avoid, you’ll prepare them for the journey and ensure they have a good time. 

Avoid big surprises

Even though you might think that surprising your kids with a sudden move to a new neighborhood or even state is a good idea, think twice. Kids need time to emotionally prepare for what’s happening, so it’s important not to wait last minute to inform them about the move.

Instead, talk to them even before you get in touch with an experienced Virginia Realtor and start looking for your new family home. Your kids will appreciate this, especially if they’re older. Not only will they feel included, but you’ll also give them enough time to prepare and say goodbye to their old friends. 

Mother sitting at a table and talking to her daughter
Even though there’s a big chance your kids won’t be happy to hear about your family move to Orange County, VA, you shouldn’t avoid and delay talking to them about it.

The last thing you want is to bring up moving out of the blue. This will make your kids feel helpless and frustrated, and the fact they had no say in the matter can only make things worse and give them a sense of powerlessness. Thus, make sure to communicate properly and let your kids know you’re there to address all of their questions and concerns.

Excluding your kids from the process

Another very common mistake you should do your best to avoid is excluding your kids from the process. Having them help you with packing and other moving-related tasks is a great way to teach them responsibility. Of course, this doesn’t apply if your kids are too young. 

Also, involving your kids will make them feel important and wanted. If you feel confident enough, you can even allow them to pack their toys, books, and similar. And if you make an extra effort and research different packing and moving games, you’ll turn the entire process into a fun and exciting adventure. 

Or assuming they can help with the process

On the other hand, many parents overestimate their kids’ abilities and assume they can do most of the packing independently. However, it’s imperative to know how much your kids can handle and not ask too much of them.

If you’re not sure your kids can handle a task on their own, make sure to supervise them and offer help. Getting frustrated with them will only make this worse. Being patient and helpful will make them want to participate and learn even more. 

Letting them take too many things

As moving is very stressful for kids, most parents want to find ways to make it easier for them and tend to be more indulgent than usual. Many parents end up allowing their kids to take too many things to their new home. However, this is another mistake you should try your best to avoid.

Instead, find ways to teach your kids the importance of decluttering. The best way to approach this is to go through your kids’ things with them and sort them into three piles:

  • Let them keep only things they truly need and regularly use. Of course, you can’t be too strict regarding items your children are emotionally attached to. However, make sure to communicate your boundaries clearly.
  • You should teach them to toss things that are broken or can’t be used anymore.
  • Lastly, the third pile should be reserved for things that are still usable but your kids no longer need. As they’ll have the hardest time letting go of these types of things, you can motivate them by suggesting donating their old clothes and toys to less fortunate children. They’ll surely love the idea and won’t feel as sad when letting go of their old things. 
Parents playing with their son
Try to think of ways to make moving more fun and exciting for your kids.

Even if you end up bringing more things than you can fit into your new home in Orange County, VA, there is no reason to worry. There are simple and affordable ways to store your extra belongings safely. The experienced team from Helix Transfer & Storage suggests renting a storage unit as the best way for safely storing all the things you have no room for in your home

Good luck moving with kids to Orange County VA!

As you can see, if you prepare well and make sure to avoid mistakes we’ve listed, moving with kids to Orange County, VA, will be that much simpler and less stressful. Even though they’ll surely need some time to adjust to the new area and get used to their new schools, it will all be worth it in the end. And in case you’re still looking for your perfect Virginia home, make sure to get in touch with an experienced local realtor. They’ll find a home that suits your family’s wants and needs.

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