Things To Do This Spring in Orange County, VA

Although the prettiest of seasons, spring can be a challenging time of the year for some. The weather is fantastic, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming and as if you’re not making the most of it. Therefore, we will share a few things to do this Spring in Orange County, help you discover your favorite spots, and enjoy the best spring.

Spend some time outdoors 

You can enjoy numerous outdoor activities and relish the nature in Orange County. Although some of them can seem mainstream, give them a try. Even a seemingly dull activity can be magical in the right setting. Given the stunning scenery that Orange County has to offer, you’re very unlikely to be bored.

  • Have a picnic

Organize a picnic in some of the most beautiful landscapes that Orange County is known for. If you’re a fan of being near water explore Lake of the Woods, and all its nooks and crannies. On the other hand, if you love spending your leisure time in the woods or near meadows, this place has more than a fair share of beautiful spots

  • Go for a hike

If you are a fan of the woods and all the wonders it has in store, hiking is a great way to get your workout in and enjoy some fantastic sights along the way. Turning up your favorite music and experiencing a peaceful time is a great way to spend your Spring days. Lucky for you, there are so many great trails in Orange County that you’ll love. 

  • Organize a sports day

Gather your friends and family and have a great day playing sports outside. It doesn’t have to be anything too athletic or competitive if you’re not into high-intensity physical activity. You can play volleyball and sunbathe in the warm breeze of Springtime. 

If you’re looking for things you should do this Spring in Orange County, why not go for a hike up your favorite road?

Take your family and friends on a tour around your favorite places

If you’ve been in the OC for a while, you probably know your way around it. When looking for things to do this spring, consider revisiting some oldies but goldies. Share your favorite spots with the people who you feel the closest to. Sharing the areas that you love with someone you love will feel like discovering it all over again.

Explore the farmer’s markets

If you’re a foodie, spring is your time. This is when everything wakes up and when the produce you usually find canned or preserved is fresh and ready to consume. Even if visiting farmer’s markets near you doesn’t sound like a fun thing but more of a chore, try to change your outlook. If you’re eager to include new ingredients into your cooking routine, there’s no better place you’ll find them. What’s more, you’re sure to meet wonderful and knowledgeable people and get some great ideas from them.

Out of all the activities to do this Spring in Orange County, going to a farmer’s market near you might not seem the most fun. However, you might be wrong.

Specific things to do this Spring in Orange County

Although there are a million little things you can enjoy anywhere with a similar climate, there are also some that aren’t as universal. This place has many aces up its sleeve when it comes to top activities you’ll be able to enjoy in the warmer weather. Here are some great examples of this:

  • Carter Mountain Orchard
  • Skydive Orange
  • Early Mountain Vineyards
  • Goochland Drive-In Theater 
  • Yoder’s Country Market
  • Rapidan River Kayak Company

Organize a fancy getaway

If you’re not too sure whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not, maybe you could get the best of both worlds. There are great resorts all around Orange County where you can’t get bored. If you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up and would like to let your mind roam free for a while, think about visiting some of these places:

  • Inn at Willow Grove
  • Round Hill Inn
  • Comfort Inn & Suites Orange
  • Shenandoah Crossing Blue Green Resort
  • The Nathaniel Inn
  • Inn at Kelly’s Ford

Whether you’re going with your significant other or with a couple of closest friends, you won’t be disappointed. You can go on tours around the properties, or try wine tasting, for example. The options are numerous; you just need to find one that fits.

Relocating to Virginia is also something to do this spring

Seeing all the beautiful things there are to do this Spring in Orange County, it’s easy to understand why many people would like to live there. However, moving can be a lot harder than it first seems. You’d need to put in a lot of work and prepare well. So, if you are yet to move here, make sure you plan the relocation, organize everything on time, and get information on all you are uncertain about.

Before the actual move, consider visiting and experiencing some things you can do during Spring in Orange County. This way, you’ll fall in love with its nature and all it has to offer before you get to the trickier parts of your move that’ll want to make you give up.

Hire a moving company to make things easier

If you’ve decided to move to Orange County and experience all there is to do this spring; you won’t regret it. However, if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time, partnering with the crew from Allstate Moving and Storage will make everything much more manageable. 

Find some humanitarian causes that pique your interest

Find a way to give back to the community you’re in. It’s been a tough year for a lot of people. If you can help in any way, that would be an excellent thing to do this spring. You won’t only contribute to the betterment of someone’s life; you’ll also feel much better.

There’s no better thing to do this spring than to help some people in need by volunteering.

Make sure to maintain social distance

To stay safe from the pandemic, follow all the rules and regulations. Here are some activities that are risk-free but still fun:

  • Board games 
  • Cook your favorite meals
  • Organize a movie night
  • Order in from your favorite local places
  • Spend time in your yard
  • Get in line for the vaccine 

Staying inside isn’t as bad as it may seem. Although it may not be what you expect when it comes to things to do this Spring in Orange County, we need to be aware of the situation we’re in.

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