Ways to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move in Virginia

A long-distance move needs to be properly planned. You cannot simply pop over and fix things you had forgotten to handle the way you can when moving just to the other side of town. So, take the time to organize the process properly, and give yourself at least a few months to do it! To help with this, here are ways to prepare for a long-distance move in Virginia.

Plan for pets and children in advance

Even if you are moving to one of the hottest neighborhoods in Orange County, your kids, no matter how excited they are, are still going to be stressed and worried about the move. The uncertainty, leaving their childhood home, and the difficulties of a long-distance move will all combine. Make sure to set some time aside to calm them down and keep an eye on them throughout the process. Your pets will similarly likely go through a crisis. This will be compounded by the fact that some species do not handle relocation and travel well at all. Make sure their travel carriers are covered in breathable cloth since it might help them calm down.

A relaxed puppy in a box
Keeping your pets relaxed and happy will let you focus on the move better!

Update your address on all your documents

It is important to remember that your documents will need to be updated with your new address. This might take some time, but make sure to do it anyway. If at all possible, in fact, do it before your move. You will likely be busy enough as it is, trying to handle everything when you are there. So something like updating your address could slip your mind in the chaos. Still, it can cause any number of issues, starting with getting your driving license suspended, so the importance of it is not to be underestimated.

Call off your subscriptions and redirect your mail

Your mail will still be delivered to your old address unless you take the time to visit your local post office and have them redirect it to its proper new destination. This is another thing you need to do before you move, since it would be time-consuming and complicated to accomplish from your new home instead. Similarly, do not forget to cancel or redirect any subscriptions you have bound to your previous address.

Find a reliable moving company

When it comes to a long-distance move in Virginia and hiring a moving company, you want an easy process without any troubles. After all, it will be the very first step into your new life. You do not want to get off on the wrong foot. The best way to ensure this is to get cost estimates from multiple companies first. This will let you eliminate both the ridiculously expensive ones and obvious scams. You will easily recognize the latter. They will be promising you a move for next to no money at all. Make sure they have references from other customers and chat with them. You can then decide relatively safely on the company you prefer.

A moving company at work helping clients prepare for a long-distance move in Virginia.
Make sure to iron out all the details in the contract you sign!

Get insurance

Get a good insurance policy! It is not a waste of money. It is a precaution, and it is foolish not to have it. If there is an accident, and you do end up losing everything, it will soften the blow. You will not be able to replace sentimental items, of course, but at least you will not be going into your new life with next to nothing to your name.

Make a solid schedule and stick to it

This is important since moving companies, good moving companies at least, have rigid schedules. You could lose your contract and the money you paid if you fail to keep to the plan you had agreed to. In addition to this, it will help keep things on track, and you will always know exactly what needs to be done and when. This will help reduce the stress and uncertainty a long-distance move can entail. You will also know how much time you have to find a good realtor for the sale of your old home, so you can plan around getting your hand on those funds.

Decide what to leave behind

You can’t take all of your belongings with you. Or rather, you probably could, but it would cost even more money, time, and effort. This is an excellent opportunity to go through your stuff and decide what you really need and what you no longer even want. In turn, not only would you trim your luggage, you could donate to charity, give away gifts and heirlooms, or even organize a sale and earn back some money for at least minor spending upon your arrival at your new home.

Pack smartly and well in advance to prepare for a long-distance move in Virginia

Even if you have just bought a vacation home in Virginia and are not planning to live there full-time, packing right is important. When moving permanently, it is even more crucial. You need to get quality shipping containers. Preferably plastic, since cardboard boxes easily get wet, torn, or damaged. You can even get recyclable versions. You need to mark what has gone into each container so you know what is where. Finally, you need to organize your luggage so that the least important items are packed into the trucks first. That way, you can quickly get at the important things. And don’t forget to pack the most important items and toiletries into a bag you keep with you at all times! This includes essential documents such as school and medical records.

A moving box used creatively.
If you do opt for traditional boxes, there is plenty you can do with them after the move is over!

Say goodbye to your friends and neighbors

Chances are, you will not be able to easily visit your old friends and neighbors. So, take the time to properly say goodbye. Go on one last outing together. Have fun and try to revisit old memories. It is always good to foster friendships, and you can always keep in touch online!


We hope that our list of ways to prepare for a long-distance move in Virginia was informative and helpful! Good luck, and we are sure that if you stick to what we discussed, your move will at least be a lot less stressful than it otherwise would have been.

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