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Hottest Neighborhoods in Orange County, VA

Big cities are, more often than not, pretty exhausting to live in. Of course, when you are young, they could seem like a convenient solution. However, once you get to a certain age, you begin to crave a more tranquil lifestyle. The one that a huge metropolis certainly can’t provide. Luckily, some places can! Plenty of neighborhoods in Orange County, VA, for example, offer families and retirees a chance to experience a peaceful life without depriving them of exciting things to do. The county is also close to major hubs such as Washington, DC, and Richmond, so even if you start missing the old days, everything’s just a short drive away.

What makes Orange County, VA, a great place to move to?

Perhaps it’s the history that this area is so rich in or the breathtaking landscape because of which you can’t help but be in awe. Maybe it’s the local vineyards with sets of delicious wines available for tasting. Or simply the fact that your dollar goes further in the county of Prince William III of Orange. And yes, lower taxes are to blame as well, being particularly attractive to future homeowners.

Despite the overall rural vibe that most neighborhoods in Orange County, VA share, the region can boast many employment opportunities. Residents of the area tend to work in companies such as Green Applications, American Woodmark, Walmart, and MPS. The county is also known as the biggest producer of grapes in the whole of Virginia, and even further.

The majority of people who choose to settle in Orange County stumble upon it first as tourists. It’s during these visits that they fall in love with the place. And who can blame them? It’s hard to resist the charms of its peculiar little shops, local restaurants serving otherworldly dishes, and historical sights such as Montpelier, the home of our fourth president, James Madison. It’s there that settlers and visitors alike can watch Jack Russel terriers and horses race the first Saturday of November.

Thanks to the affordability and attractive interest rates, the area of Northern Virginia has also recently gained popularity. Some neighborhoods are especially desirable to home buyers, and we will explore what each of them has to offer. Once you’ve decided on the community that’s right for you, you can ask Northern Virginia-based professionals to help you get settled as soon as possible.

The statue of James and Dolly Madison located in one of the neighborhoods in Orange County, VA
Once upon a time, Orange County was home to the fourth US president, James Madison.

The hottest Orange County neighborhoods

Below you will find the highly sought-after Orange County communities that provide their residents with the much-needed peace of mind.


With a population of about 1800, Gordonsville is quite a small town. However, its size doesn’t stop it from being a great place to live in for just about anyone. Young couples, families with children, and senior citizens can benefit from calling this tiny settlement their home. With plenty of quaint shops, charming cafes, and loads of opportunities to engage in outdoor activities, Gordonsville is equipped with a bit of something for everyone.

Each year, the town organizes Porkapooloza, or as they say, the greatest pork feast on Earth! The whole place is family-friendly and has various parks and playgrounds you can take your kids to. Additionally, crime is practically non-existent here, making the neighborhood pretty safe.

While the actual unemployment rate is slightly below the US average, Gordonsville’s proximity to major cities, such as Charlottesville, more than makes up for it. It’s not unusual for residents of this town to work elsewhere, as commuting to and from work typically takes a short time.

Most of the people living here own their homes, which isn’t peculiar when you think about it. Median home price in Gordonsville falls short of $200,000, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a place with a suburban feel that’s, nonetheless, not too far from the center of all activities.

Those looking to move here won’t be disappointed after venturing into the process. The advantages of life in Gordonsville certainly outweigh the cons. It’s worth noting, however, that before you’ve permanently settled into the area, you will have had to prepare for the moving day. You’ll need to make a detailed plan for the big day. After all, relocations can quickly become troublesome without a carefully devised course of action.

A picture of a cafe
Gordonsville has a number of charming little cafes for people to relax in.

Lake of the Woods

As far as popular neighborhoods in Orange County, VA go, Lake of the Woods is definitely the top pick! It’s suitable for everyone, regardless of their age. Two mesmerizing lakes located in the area allow residents to enjoy swimming and a variety of water sports. In addition, Lake of the Woods can boast its dog-friendly status, as it has several parks and trails that locals use to spend time with their furry friends.

The community is pretty safe and even has a set of its own patrolling units overlooking it. It’s also tightly-knit, which essentially means that neighbors are friendly and willing to help each other. With many events taking place here regularly, it’s no wonder why newcomers are looking to it as a perfect place to purchase a vacation home. While on the topic of property buying, it’s worth mentioning that a typical house here will cost you about $250,000. Not bad for an oasis of peace.

A man and a woman walking their dog in the forest
Lake of the Woods is one of the pet-friendly neighborhoods in Orange County, VA, suitable for taking your dog for a walk.


Orange County gets its name from the town of Orange, which is, actually, the seat of this county. The overall vibe of this place is quiet, and residents report that there isn’t much to be done here except relax. For some people, however, that may just be enough. That’s not to say the town is utterly dull and there are no reasons to move here. Not at all! Orange is packed with historic sights, excellent schools, and it’s an overall safe community with no real crime.

Despite the practically non-existent nightlife, the town still has some charming restaurants and cafes you can go to. This makes it a perfect choice for everyone looking for neighborhoods in Orange County, VA, that allow them to completely escape city life. Those interested in shopping for properties in the area will be happy to know that the average price of a home lies at around $260,000. Considering that the national average is significantly greater, investing in housing here is a choice well-made.

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