Buying a House in Orange County, Virginia in Winter

There are many concerns that might discourage you from purchasing property during winter. You might be worried about what the weather conditions would mean for your move. You might want to wait for the peak house selling season. After all, if most people buy during that period, there must be something to it, right? Or you might want to take advantage of the sleepy season to rest. However, to truly know whether or not you should go for buying a house in Orange County, VA, in winter, you need to be aware of the advantages and drawbacks of the process.

Much less competition vs. fewer houses on the market

When buying a house during winter in Virginia, it is essential to know you are doing so at the peak of the off-season. This means that the housing market will be much less vibrant than it otherwise would be. Now, looking to buy a home, this can certainly be an advantage! Fewer competitors mean you will not have to deal with an exhausting rush to get at the best properties before someone else snatches them up. Unfortunately, not everything is ideal. The sellers know that the peak season is the best time to offload their property, so most will choose not to put up their homes for sale during winter, which results in a smaller selection of available homes.

It is easier to find excellent movers vs. it is harder to move

Of course, an important part of the process is moving into your new home. Here, too, you are in luck regarding the available resources. Even if you are moving long-distance, hiring movers with ample experience won’t be a problem, and you will organize your entire relocation quickly and easily. Due to the housing market being in a lull, movers will generally be more relaxed and have far more open schedules. Yet, it does mean having to tackle the wintry conditions to get your move done. Winters in Virginia might not be as severe as they can get elsewhere, but the temperatures and snow are still nothing to sneeze at. You will need to be extra careful to ensure all of your belongings arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

You will have to deal with hazardous road conditions when buying a house in Orange County, VA, in winter.

More time to get things done vs. moving at an awkward time

Winter typically means winter holidays and having plenty of time off work to get everything done. This means that you can get tons done during this period, especially if you take the time to make a plan of action in advance. And at a leisurely pace, too! You wouldn’t need to rush from work to realtor to home, where you’d be making tons of last-minute calls. On the other hand, this can be a somewhat awkward time of year to move. Work and school are only starting to get into the swing of things. Finding a job can be more difficult if you are moving long-distance. And your kids would have to jump into a new school just as things are getting serious. 

If buying a house in Orange County, VA, in winter, you will be able to take time off the purchase to distress and have fun with the family.

Realtors are more available vs. things tend to go slowly

Finding a good real estate agent is a nightmare during the peak seasons for the housing market, whether you are looking to sell your old home or buy a new one. So, being able to have your pick of the best realtors can be a serious boon for your house-hunting efforts. Unfortunately, if you are hoping your top-of-the-line real estate agent will help you get the whole ordeal done within an instant, you would be disappointed. The housing market in the off-season tends to make everything go much more slowly, which can be a good thing! Still, if you are in a rush, you might find yourself feeling frustrated.

Prices of real estate are lower vs. less likely to find homes with newer amenities

Due to less competition and things going more slowly, the prices of real estate during this period are typically much lower. After all, prices can be artificially inflated when multiple people compete over a single property. If someone wants it badly enough, they might be willing to pay well over what is reasonable. So, the prices during winter can make you feel like you are getting away with a steal. The moving experts from Fairfax Transfer and Storage note that moving prices are also lower during this season! And yet, sellers know this fact as well. This means that those in possession of particularly valuable pieces of real estate, or those whose homes boast top amenities, tend to hold off on selling until the peak season comes around.

Ascertaining the condition of houses is easier vs. the weather makes viewing more difficult

A tricky part of going house hunting during peak housing market seasons is that good weather makes it hard to tell whether houses are actually in good condition. After all, both mold and water damage can be covered up with relatively low expenses without treating the root cause. On the other hand, doing your viewing during the peak of the winter season makes it much more likely for you to detect problems with the homes you like. It is hard to cover up issues if the roof is leaking right in front of prospective buyers! Still, the cold weather and the way holidays affect real estate can make it more challenging to schedule and attend viewings. It is harder to feel motivated to snoop around when you feel like you are freezing.

Knowing how well the property can withstand the cold is one of the best things about buying a house in Orange County, VA, in winter.

Final word

Now that you know more about buying a house in Orange County, VA, in winter, it is up to you to decide whether this would be the right time for you to make a move. Just remember to carefully balance the pros and cons before deciding, and you will be just fine!

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Join us today as we discuss buying a house in Orange County, VA, in winter so you can decide whether you want to take advantage of the season or wait.

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